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Don't worry 'bout the future
Don't get stuck in the past
Try not to get far ahead of yourself
So concerned love won't last

There's only one
the far east movements 

Holly can't go party 
Ain't it no drama 
I don care about nothing,(Na) 
Unless you wanna, unless you wanna, follow me to my
to everyone in the world
Nore, Phife Dawg and Abstract

Yo in Iraq, all my niggas love Abstract
Yo, from Far Rock to Flushing, concussion
Every time
lights, black leather
Some towns make me anxious
Others sane but sad
But West Berlin's by far the strangest time
I ever had
All night town of punks
On the Brooklyn Bridge tonight
Well it really has been a blue blue day and the water is cold in East River Bay
Water is cold in East River Bay

Standing by
the country
Sweet memory
The simple kid far from the city
Is still the best of me

Way on down the dusty road
Spinning Red and white is a barber sign
forgotten that took you away
To pastures not greener but meaner

Yeah the love of the simple is all that I need
I have no time for schism or lovers
the club shuts down
I'm a zombie, how to kill this
Midnight mansion, don't mention
Holiday inn or champion's flashing
Free wired with the far east
you've forgotten
That took you away
To pastures not greener but meaner

Love of the simple is all that I need
I've no time for schism or lovers
in the womb
And she bade me 'Here through yonder portal which looked upon the heavens, and behold! a morning

She ascended slowly from far
the holds
And this love will smooth the stones

'Cause I may wander, wander far away
But still I, I am not afraid

I remember the sound of the river
is no near

The days that separate the night
The shadows by which we'll recognise the light

Yes, it's the simple equation of black and white
Every time I hear that sound
Late night trains shunting down by the river
I remember windy town

We come so far and we move so fast
Making hay see it
south and east is west
Where's the love that I knew best
Shifting in this icy wind
Howlin' down the Cumberland

You're in this valley that I love
the earth
Get the sky

Far away in the depths of Hawking's mind
To the animal, primalistic grind
You bring me reason, a simple fact of life (Bring me
I want to make you smile

When I run too fast, slow me down
When I run to far, turn me around
Sometimes life becomes an endless waste
Sometimes love
hour follows hour
like water follows water
everything is governed by the rule
of one thing leads to another
you can't really place blame
way, by the moonlit bay, 
When I lingered awhile, she stole my heart away, 
Yaaka hula hickey dula, Yaaka hula hickey du. 
Oh, I don't care if you've
linger there for a quiet hour
By the grasses flowers and ferns
Just put your ear down to the ground
Let simple thoughts return

It isn't all the far
the one who is born king of the Jews?
We saw his star in the east and we have come to worship him"

Lord we have traveled far
Torn and weary guided by
The road now leads onward
As far as can be
Winding lanes
And hedgerows in threes
By purple mountains
Round every bend
All roads lead to you
There is
In dire need of just some 
Simple conversation
For some inspiration, 
Well accustomed to being unwelcome.
Exclamation, no comma, 
More drama from
of allendale
By far the sweetest flower there
Was the rose of allendale

Where e'er I wandered east or west
Though fate began to lour
A solace still was she
simple friend is over 
Put your head up on my shoulder 

What've we done for love 
Here we are 
What am I thinking of 
So far 

What've we done for love
Simple dreams created by the passion
In a place I've never been before
And letter perfect expectations of a love affair
That's what I found when I