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a day
This shower head feels so amazing
We’ll both be high, the help don’t stare
They just walk by, they must don’t care
A million one, a million two
be high, the help don't stare
They just walk by, they must don't care
A million one, a million two
A hundred more will never do

Too many bottles
Watch me try matches no need for no practice
Fuck around and get straight stoned with the package
Dogg get the weed banging 
How the homies feel 
'I'm an artist, please don't laugh at me'
Ok, time to buckle the fuck down 
Side of the wobbly system back to original form, pumpkin
You can catch
hypertention. That niggas is getting salty
I’m quick to pop off back the fuck up off me

Carlton Fisk banana clip silver back gorilla
Mr. Street life show you
like a fucking wild gator
Silver and black Ghost, nigga that's Al Davis
Give me Left Eye back, take Fetty Wap and the Raiders
The Rams is back, them
"My line of work is considered by some to be a... 
A tumor on society, be careful Mr. Magenta there are benign tumors, 
And there are others, that