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hush you like a kid
In a crib, damn, it's time to silence the lamb

Big L gotta silence the lambs
To my man D'Shawn gotta silence the lambs
To Naughty By
my dreams 
Liquid shadows silence their screams 
I smile at the moon 
Chasing water from the sky 
I argue with the clouds 
Stealing beauty from my
my dreams 
Liquid shadows silence their screams 
I smile at the moon 
Chasing water from the sky 
I argue with the clouds 
Stealing beauty from my
"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends"
[Martin Luther King, Jr.]

Time could never heal our
whipped by sand
A great new silence blankets the land
We sure need the stone age
In the coming century
Who will feed the poor
Now that the saint
The majority by their silence
Will pay for days like these

Peace, bread, work and freedom
Are the best we can achieve
Wearing badges is not enough
In days
As still as a tomb, where only memories roam
No birds sing here, yet silence speaks volumes
About tortured times, when man was blind
And innocence
Justice for Mike Brown, justice for us all
(He was a thug)

Which side are you on, boy? The silence is unappreciated
Which side are you on, my lord?
the price
With the souls of the innocent
With the blood of another lamb

By the sins of a guilty man
Dirty hands playing God again

Come why
And when the lamb opened the seventh seal,
there was in Heaven a silence.
Seven angels, seven trumpets,
preparing to sound.
God has sent his
at the diet of Worms
Others put to death in utter cruelty for failing to submit to a church of corruption
Denying transubstantiation|
But they overcame them by
of the victims
With no one to comfort them
Led like lambs to a slaughter
While you watch in silence

There's something more to talk about
Than how to sleep
From the primeval mass
Let precious chaos vent
Sacred flesh drenched in fornication
Beloved by Set
May the winds gather her together
The circle of bones has been sealed,
Prepared for these most ancient rites.
Three virgin cunts arrested by chains,
Gut them like pigs,
Let their
Then I Saw A Lamb Looking As If It Had Been Slain
Standing In The Centre Of The Throne
Encircled By The Four Living Creatures
And The Elders
He Had
Are electric shocks and blows to the head
The silence broken by his voice alone
Saying, "yes", meaning, "no", as he tears down their home
endless floor
So I walk it 'til the end
Am coming back where I began

Then I fall into a dream
Within a dream within a dream
Of the murder from "the silence
Imagine if we could live
Imagine that, imagine that
In this world without hate and prejudice
Stop the violence, break the silence
"The first words I spoke in the original phonograph, 'Mary had a little lamb. It's fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb
through that live & grow
Grew up on cinelli beach, yeah right there by that corner store
Right there where them niggas post, drug dealin and blowin drow
to silence me
Ha ha
But you can not escape fate
Well it is my turn to come
Just as you rose you shall fall
By my hands

Amerika, you reap what you sow
lambs to the slaughter
A misanthropic sickness prevails as chaos fulfills our mortal desires
We descend into the valleys of laceration,
We are taking
the first to say +Stop the Violence+
And teach that real bad boys move in silence?
You're soon to see the mind bendin rhyme weapon
Get more busy than
not even living they life, they just staring in they iPhone screens
By any means necessary
Rhyming all that's left in you
Better love the ones next
AKA, your prince of darkness 

When it comes to the girls they know the program 
'Cause when I get through it's pure Silence of the Lambs 
So ladies