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at home
How do you live with 
Do you wear brimstone
Give me the call

Always the sign is fire
I'm being drawn by the heat
Always the same desire
comfort in the arms of a lovers fire.
Driven by a desperate hunger.
To the dark of the neon light.
The heart is a lonely hunter.
When there's no sign
of fire, we're under the gun

We could not believe
And pursued the scenery

Fire on the horizon
Fire on the horizon

We were encircled by machines
Close your eyes
Can you hear me in the dark
I see angels in black
Visions of fire
Visions of pain
Whipped by the past
And you bleeding inside!
Dragons' fire burns the sky
As the heavens are ablaze
By a wizard's spell and sorcery
His eyes inflamed as he turns into a star
The prophets'
You chase the fire
You paint the signs
I walk the wire
You shout lines

There was a time when my mind
Was made up by you
Is this a deja vu
Am I just
Burning, burning with desire
Burning for the steel

Hearts On Fire

For years shunned by society
Outcasts, condemned for our beliefs
Our legions grew in
Watch the stream run by you
Watch the Indian chief
Wrapped in blue corn leaves drift by you
Watch you take root in the son's palm
And rise out

At the seashore
At low tide
No report
Only smoke sign
We will get by
For a long time

Population incandescent
All roads lead
at home - how do you live with
Do you wear brimstone -- give me the call
Always the sign is fire
I'm being drawn by the heat
Always the same desire. Hot
See visionary eye
The deadend fire coming from the sky
Flamboyant signs of imminent times

on mazarine seas the ship sails near
nonalignment pact
Nonalignment pact
Sign it!
Nonalignment pact

At night I can see the stars on fire
I can see the world in flames
And it's all because
where I have laid 
The exit signs are flashing 
Dead ends they won't come to life anymore 
I pledge the rest 
I should have guessed 
Your love was
do we go?"
We're just a heartbeat away

Follow the signs of the crimson thunder
We will stay by your side
Let our voices be there to guide you
Powers of the Universe
Did sire a Son

He was baptised
By Fire, Water, Earth and Sky

From Darkness
He rose up in Triumph
To Ascend the Throne
The world burns
Brought to it's knees
By the beast of war
Cities are laid to waste
Nations collapse
Under the reign of terror
Fire storms raging
standing in silence his eyes firmly fixed on the door
My heart ached in pity to see him for these were the words that it bore
And the sign read An Old Log
said it all
Soothed by your saxophones i thought you'd understand
I'd love to sing my songs for you but i don't know if i can
Said don't know if i
Oh, I can tell
That the fire is burning out
Oh, baby, I can tell
By the way that you hold me
Oh, I can tell
That the fire is burning out
Oh, the fire, the fire
Oh, the fire, the fire

There's something in your heart
And it's in your eyes
It's the fire
Inside you
Let it burn
again, I didn't get the sign that said I should be up by ten
Gonna go down steady, gonna get my measure, I got credit with the medicine man

Shit I'm
shall triumph
And live by the sign of

Blood, fire, death

The moment is chosen
The battlefield is bare
Take now thy stand people
The true ones
up your guest you can't get by with second best
If you try to sneak away, the list is long the price you'll pay
Burn it in the fire
Burn it in
a shotgun blast
There's a secret sign
It's not a candle burning and it's not a Sunday night
There's a fire on the cross
There's a fire on the cross
(natures retaliation)

All the fields are
Smoke and flame, fire in the sky
It's a state of emergency
Much more than meets the eye
Just hide