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like a lunatic
Had to stop for a few ticks
I started feeling sick
Got to the video shop in a state
But chuffed it, wouldn't be late
Only when he
help you choose it (2x)

I'm so glad I got my website,
I ain't worried bout mtv,
I got 20 videos, buy 'em all on dvd,
I'm so glad I got my website,
measure every girl by these video women

I'm sick of all they constant bouncin then they say
We disrespectful 'cause we crave em with our instant
and my stomach has stretch marks
They make me sick, I'd like those to go away
Been saving up my money for this

What if she tried to get her face
others always want some and tell me true or false
I know you got tight game, but your game been peeped too
Monkey see , monkey will do, feel me and I'll
Strolling with a limp
Sagging hard
Mainly done by L.A street niggas

Is not just a casual stroll
But a way of life
A movement
got somethin
An that I squat somethin nice, pop somethin nice
Up in the air so elegant
You can tell I pimp but that's irrelavent
An I can tell by