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breathe life need life breath life keep life
Lie and decieve with no emotion
False promises loss of devotion
Scarred by deceit my self destruction
Oh, I'm sick of the hustle, I'm sick of the bustle
Sick of this way of life
Spending our whole lives working the 9 to 5
Wasting our time
I hope you'll be by me then

As a young man I was afraid
Of my life
Oh what would I make
I will make Iove
What will I hate
What better sweet
richer from the blood of the working class
Let a poor family starve just to feed your greedy ass

People get sick, can't afford to get well
Betrayed by
He lives a life of luxury, he lives a life of misery
The entries in his diary are the entries of SICK-MAN
His constant companion always
a feeling
(You'd crawl on your knees)
To punish me,

It's hard to keep you by my side,
Haunted by the vision,
Too ugly
For one day,
Go live your life
a feeling
(You'd crawl on your knees)
To punish me,

It's hard to keep you by my side,
Haunted by the vision,
Too ugly
For one day,
Go live your life,

Living day by day. nothing gone my way. fuck your answers, I didn't ask. your the one with the past. better to die than live a fucking lie. tried
say about my life
living in denial, wipe that stupid smile away
through that ring again
through that sick machine that doesn't make you any stronger
jacking off in their face 
It's love for him & it's pain for them 
It makes me SICK! 
All their pain poured into one 
Arms reach out to catch for fun
Dependency on the suffering that others have
Society makes your life seem not so bad
Mesmerized by the civilized world's decline
Desensitized by what it
to shoot myself, but I always somehow missed

I'm sick and tired of you
Being so sick and tired of
The way I live my life...

I want it
longer do you think we'll stand.
So little left here to live for
By the time my life is at its end.

I want it back one more time
Let me try one more
Burn no bridges to stay warm
Can't keep running from the rain
Can't live my life on the edge of the storm
Kill confusion by killing options
Burn no
These are words that I live by
Create or die

they say love will conquer all
But life takes its toll
Revenge a dish best served cold
Or maybe not all
Taken by surprise, stigmatized by the things I've seen with my own eyes
Traumatized until I realize that I gotta go on with my life

I can only guess
are open
To the brightness of life

I'm driven by a force so free
To live this life not paralyzed
But with reckless abandon
So now I can breath
You live your life day by day
You can't feel it's slipping away
It's like heaven where you never get bored
You self inflicted Rock 'n roll whore
When I was seventeen, I ran away from home
And from everything, I had ever known
I was sick and tired living in a town
Filled with narrow minds
My life flows on in endless song
Above earth's lamentation.
I hear the real, thought far off hymn
That hails the new creation
Above the tumult
Always blocking the doors to your mind
Escaping the reality that surrounds you
Using faith as an excuse to kill
A sick way of life is now revealed
They want to witness the arrival of the lord
And the destruction he has promised to us all
Their sick conviction to the ending of the world
On that day when I see
All that You have for me
When I see You face to face
There surrounded by Your grace
All my fears swept away
In the light
to fall
Fall apart

Are you ready or not
Ready for the truth
Sick and tired of this
I'm frustrated by you

In a life that we live in
Trapped in a downward spiral of pain
Horrific memories, your life flashing by
There is no life left for you to live
You've had your share and more