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will be in stores now 
or in stores right after this or sometime close around this
Go get the project pat album that's in stores right now
Cooked by
off your shoulders

(Project Pat)
Mister murderer robbers
Niggas with some charges
You fake mothafuckas
We gonna finish what you started
Yo heart is
got the dizzoe? Then meet me by the sizzoe
Me and Big Kirk, Uncle Nut, by a fizzoe
D and Hoy posted up by the Nolia (ya heard)
See Jeeko and Mutsi, they
hood, hood signs (throw some 'bows, throw some 'bows)

[DJ Paul]
It's the return of the gangsta - like my niggas OutKast
Smokin' on the dank-a - shut ya
Stick 'em up, Stick 'em up 
Raise 'em up, Raise 'em up

Buck 'em down, 'buck em down (Now that should be fun)     (4X)

[Project Pat]
Let blood spill my nig
Shoot to kill my nig
If ya real my nig
Project Pat my nig
I spit facts my nig
Hang with macks my nig
Who tote gats my nig
on kidnappings, assisted on robbery spots

Me I kept my mouth shut, ears eyes open wide
I done witnessed lunch money took down to homicides
Project ain't a baby
*** p-poppin'

*** swang to ya mouth, then the blood is gushin'
Out'cha dome, home invaded 'cause of *** you pushin'
Leather seats in the Chevy thang,
make it discreet


Money on the couch, nigga
Gimme everything, I'll pay your house, nigga
Shut'cha mouth, nigga
Put the money
Stackin' me some grip, playa can ya dig?

Project Pat a nigga that's down for his crown man
If your ass step I'ma be downtown man
4th floor bound man that's
know what im saying?
Look, we about to go I 255, [yeah]straight up to Memphis.
[ya show]See what im saying, Paul said he gone meet us by Wal-Greens, we
the white guts
I'm on the scene, drankin' lean, mixed with Spire in a plastic cup
I'm from the hood, call it North, where Project Pat went to jail and court
Killed the bitch jerk come back from the dead with flies in ya mouth
Buried the body, sold the house, then I fly down south
My family don't understand me
Project Pat, Koopsta Knicca,
The motherfucking Tear da Club up Thugs, GangstaBoo, Indo G, its on.
You motherfucking hooooooooooooooooooe!!!!
as you start runnin up like it's hurtin ya, 

it's when I fuck ya fasta, 

don't really want to be like that, but I tell this bitch I be if I have
it's when I f*** ya fasta,

don't really want to be like that, but I tell this b**** I be if I have to,
shut this motha f***a down, bend it backwards,
the bitch to EverGreen 
throw em in da bayou 
call my niggas 
D and Blue 
Project Pat y'all know what to do 
creep through the streets 
with them thangs
Man, Project Pat in the house 
This go out to all the real niggas out there havin' money 
Ghetty green, that cheese, that feddi, that loot 
or second chance
Small-time offender, lose yo? ass, you get enhanced

Speak not, keep yo' mouth shut, investigate the whole place
Make 'em think it's
Dirty South thugs 
Ball out thugs, go in your house thugs 
Talk shit, put blood in your mouth thugs 
36 South thugs, stay on route thugs 
You know how
turning caine into rocks 

And I carry two glocks  so I can't be stopped 

From the city to the state  I'm pushing rhymes like weight 

Pitbulls by
leaf suit
With my five hundred dollar brown knee-high Ballsy

Wes said, "It's pimpin' how you wear 'em outside ya pants
And by the way my ham sandwichs
Nigga what you talkin'' bout, nigga better shut your mouth
You better just bounce


When the killin's right, my niggas gon kill 'em right,
You unleashed the beast like the niece from garfield east
Does the heads of the 12 priests, crab louse, won't catch it
Shut the fuck up, your mouth
it's when I f*** ya fasta,

don't really want to be like that, but I tell this b**** I be if I have to,
shut this motha f***a down, bend it backwards,