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it's tailor-made
G-Plan gymnastics
By an everglow fire
Could never mean the same
As summer enchantment
By an old mill steam
From courtly love
sexy hooked up by Becky true to the dice not new to the dice sexy
Dropped me off 456 Ci Lo Blvd. right after she blew on the dice. 

nails is not from [C] some field of flowers
[G] Sown by the April showers and what they may or [C] may not bring
[G] I always get lucky [C] in the [G
Si quieres ver mi magia, no mas me dices cuándo.
Soon you'll start to believe.
Open your eyes and see, it's
Austin Mahone and Becky G!

I've got
guns and sodomy
Soak me down with your desire
In the shower under fire
Wave the white flag, keep it clean
Call me g.i. josephine

The dykes are
But rudely interrupted by a neighborhood street fight
When will you motherfuckers quit?
Every motherfuckin mornin it's the same ol bullshit
I peeped
get 10 more 
But just like a g I remained calm 
No witnesses a few more weeks I'll be going home 
But as the fucking police car drove off g 
a days  We livin' like some G's 

Chorus Peaches (Mo B. Dick): 

TRU niggas livin' like some hustlers  hustlers 

TRU niggas livin' like some G's
hoe she attended you of H
a law student who was looking for a fuckin' case
but she was barking up the wrong tree g
ay yo why in the hell did the bitch
the dark)
A groovy nigga that's way too G
(Tryna tell you baby!)

He might say cause but he ain't fucking with cause
Yea I'm Q
But you can call me
One two one two (one two one two)
This the I'ma Boss remix
Meek Milly
Let's go!

I'm ride or die, I'm ridin' by, hollerin' West Side right
bothered by the chiba
Zodiac sign was a Libra, definitely a keeper
I just wanna put her in the sleeper, then fall out underneath her

Wake up, take a shower
On the getaway rafter

People all around us, they shower us with love
You better keep it comin', ‘cause we just can't get enough

Where would we be without
in they fucking behind
Its necessary to pimp, gotta mac on these hoes
Don't be paying for these hoes, put that bozack on these hoes
The B.G. don't give
You know like a cold shower
On all these rumours
As I pass by I salute
The ladies in the sun wearing hats
'g'day, ma'am, how d'you do'

Some hype summer
the shower
By 6 dikes slapping yo ass with towels
You'll probably move yo bowels
You'll probably piss on yourself and crumble like a ball of powder
See we
but in Tennessee another bugged out nigga stunts 


fuckin with me huh? you fuckin with the wrong one 

that fire spit from my K have your
I lost my virginity
Surrounded by speed freaks and weed geeks
Quiet down, listen up when g's speak
Return of the body catcher, the crown's been
Right by my side

B. Hudson, Jadakiss, Ne-Yo
I think it's me and you tonight ma
You see every good woman needs a thug, you
He was larger than life
He penetrated the roof of your car with a spike
Trained by an insane ex marine
CIA trained a renegade assassin android
Making G's by any means, my eyes on my enemies
Sipping Hennessey, with my mind on some crime shit
One-time searching me but never ever find shit
for a shack from headquarters
All my manpower for four bucks an hour
Took my time and wrote rhymes in the shower
Shoes are scuffed cause the road
Breakin my back for ?a shack for headquarters? 
 All my manpower for four bucks an hour 
 Took the time, I wrote rhymes in the shower 
 Shoes are scoffed
y'all parents wouldn't con-done
It's you, her and me, eyes too blurred to see
Speech too slurred to G
But you know "Young'n" would love ta
See ya upon
suggest it be best if we get by

At the most it'll take an hour together
To get these girls from dancing wit each other
In to taking showers together