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Sisters of Mercy
Your faith is not faithful
Your grace shows no grace
Your mercy shows no mercy
Is there no way out of this place

Thereæ?¯ a baby
to fire,
I hear their voices still,
Their unjust accusations,
Demanding I am killed.

'We shall show no mercy to heathen
Such as thee,
Who stand
other's little whims
And we're all at the mercy
Of the little man within

Show no mercy, no more mercy
For this little man within
We're all
Guide us Jah man, 
Guide us Jah man, oh yeah. 
Have mercy on a good man, 
And help him we pray Jah man. 
Have mercy on a good girl, 
And help
and help us we pray, Jah man

Time is running out, but we need no one, not to cry nor shout
Change them who's gone astray and show them the way, Jah man
All I wanted was to be loved
No one deserves to be alone
Accused for taking love for granted
But now I see
If I don't share the way I feel
We're on a misty morning
When I show no mercy when I call of the warning of love

You made an enemy
Of the one you use to want
And I can turn around
Beg for mercy with no avail
Muslim teachings must prevail

Judge and jury with zero degree of moral culpability
Death by lapidation
The law
stand by? 

I've been awake through the wrong decisions 
I've held the ground now I'm gaining soul 
I bit my tongue through the cold realizations
One night in Kansas City after we had played the show
Shots rang out as I stumbled home
So I hid behind a dumpster in an alley down the street
No one helps you now

But I will show him mercy
Let him return to life
I will show him mercy
I will let him go back
Don't you sometimes 
Wish your heart was a heart of stone 
Mercy, mercy, wish your heart was a heart of stone 

Get the picture 
No room for
them all
As the fiery flames

United we shall stand, divided we will fall
Discipline and hate shall conquer them all
None left behind, show no
He was dying thousands of deaths 
I am corroded inside by ignorance 
You show me all the time 
Blinded by the illusion for never being alone any
you'll beg for mercy.
I'll show you none.

Purified by my hand
In this my world
It is salvation.
Your futile existence draws to a close
A cloak
We take no prisoners,
We spare no brave defender,

No mercy, No quarter here,

The Killers,
Will show you flame and sword,
We are The Killers,
We take no prisoners,
We spare no brave defender,

No mercy, no quarter here,

The killers,
Will show you flame and sword,
We are the killers,
jumped up all ablaze

They say this year rock is comin' back jack
White gnashing teeth like wolves in a pack
Carnivorous, no mercy hon'
There's plenty
Carnivorous, no mercy hon.
There's plenty here for everyone so come get you some!â??

10,000 witnesses, show â??em how it's done, son.
Fist full

Walking down a dark road to loneliness
The night has no mercy
I feel a need in me I can't express

I'll be standing by
I'll be
Show no mercy!
No one's ever gonna save their souls

Slaughtering one another
Getting their deserved death
Driven by their blind belief
Killing in

Show no mercy
For the love of this shit here niggas are bloodthirsty
Cock (or)
Show no mercy
For the love
On lead poisoned wings, you try to sing
Freak beak shrieks are thrown at your confusing hue
The peacock screaming eyes show no mercy oh, oh no mercy
sat in a game at the Miner's Saloon soon I had doubled my stake
The cards run like they'd been dealt by Lady Luck they were just sealin' my fate
A young
no more
Don't look to the sky no more
Have mercy on me

Now these pussy niggas putting money on my head
Go on and get your refund motherfucker, I