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moanin?sweet and low
When you touch my hand and my feelin?s start to show


In a restaurant, holdin?hands by candlelight
When I'm touchin?you
So tired
Soul searching
I followed the sounds to a cathedral
Imagine my surprise to find that they were produced by Brian Eno

Past the gates
forward it s true George Orwell
The moral of the story is truth s ignored, emotion s most important
He ll only cause problems, the Holy Ghost got him
I said: "Bitch, I'm on my way!"
I givit to you, homeboy, play by play
She had on polkadots with miniskirt
Jumped in the car straight went
situation is holding me hostage
And even if I fought and bought the knowledge
I'd prolly get shot 41 times by a cop over my wallet
Shiiiiit.. So wherever you
ya say shit get my dick out cha mouth
Mr. E is who I be
OG fo 93
Studio BGs gets no L O V
To the east i'm feelin hap
Was the hap white black
As I get
Number one, George W. Bush is not president 
Number two, America is not a true democracy 
Number three, the media is not fooling me 
Cause I am a poem
to ancestors
True story, give the glory to God, receive the blessings
Made in an image, of his likeness, my true essence

[William Cooper]
I ride for
All my hoes look like sasquatch (Not!)
And George Bush gets nuff props

Well, anyway, Imma slay slay lay
Pull a hoe around my way and make
We don't wanna gotta go to war, never more, let me do my goddamn thang

Is it true that ain't shit changed? Listen to the way it bang
Introducing you