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Someone's gonna tell you and it might be me
  There's something on your face that even you can't see
  It isn't your eyes and it isn't your nose
[Extra verse... written by Noel Paul Stookey]
Show me the famine, show me the frail
Eyes with no future that show how we failed
And I'll show you
tha way you body set and how your clothes fit it
I want you give me some of it because minute by minute
Temperature it all a rise because you thighs
I'll show him who's really bad (burp!)
Paul the way you make me feel with these calls
You should take a look at the man in
The mirror and tell
Let's Make a Deal at the dinner table 
Put you on tour, put your record on wax ("Trust me!") 
Sign your life on the X 
You eXit, X-off, but what you
They say you're the way the light
The light is so blinding
Your followers condemn me your words used to enslave me

Jesus cured the blind man so
that it's true [chorus]
Crank up the drums, crank out the bass crank up my les paul in your face
a fact, and you know that it's true


Crank up the drums, crank out the bass
Crank up my Les Paul in your face

This love has taken a turn
My maps are no good now
I'm lost in these woods
I say, Black Mountain show me your face
Bring on the oblivion of your
ass like Mister Miyagi
And it ain't over 'til the fat lady sang
And that bitch got a whole lot more weight to gain
And call me by my new name
your inner guide
Show us who you are
In these seven lives.
Take it easy, take it easy, take it easy

Follow your inner guide
Show me who you are
better not show it at all
Put a mug upon ya face like you ready to brawl
I know boys that's unemployed still working that work, patna (partner)
Red alert from the Dairy Queen
To Vatican from Panama City
Yeah, yeah

Calling Pope John Paul, ole buddy, ole pal
Hey, lemme crash at your place
and show your pussy on the turf Nigga! I'm vill walkin' shit talkin' on this fucking track, the show me's finest show your highness how you love that.

And Belly was like the sequel without O-Dogg in it,
Give me a New York minute,
To show you Cali got more dead bodies then the Yankees got New
Was this in them trees
These are the things
They held me vision
Seein' more things
Me and DJ Paul
We got the hook off
We gon' stee
We gon' play
one way
There's only one way to rock

Crank up the drums, and the bass
Crank up my Les Paul in your face
like Juliette Greco
And there's me quoting pretentious chat up lines
From Marcel Proust, Jean Cocteau and Jean-Paul Sartre
Sitting by a gasfire in
[Paul Wall]
I'm a chick magnet, I'm a ladies man
I put a smile on your face any way that I can
I got the world in my hands, you got the world in
a model by the hair when you holla in the air
Girl give me your number or I'll steal ya car
Lew hawk at the bar robbing mone from the tip jar
Throw ya
from your back side
I'm from the slums
Let me show you how the 'Lac rides
Money ain't a thang baby
'Specially if you act right
A young stunna but
Lyrics & Music: Paul Kantner
Lyrics: Grace Slick

He's stronger by talk than by sight
But by sight he'll know you
You buy him a ride he'll know you
and your man go get
Me and cat take pussy's on boat rides on some Soprano shit

Move wit troops in cougar coupes
Like beeno and notes for a G a piece,
in your words, sever the knot this time
Somebody show me their true face
Face me once as I leave all that I despise
Face me as I unleash this hate
a very same word
And from St Paul to Billy Graham the same is heard
And the preacher said of truth Jesus said
(And Jesus said I'm the way the truth