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Like ahuh yeu yeu get hit by a truck 
Playin' catch a girl, fuck a girl 
Throw her in a sandwich 
Just a young boy doing grown man shit
I told y'all motherfuckers I was coming back (oh shit)
What now nigga, what now? What? Brewster Projects nigga

One shot, two shot, three shots,
they musta seen me comin'
Ain't this life so fuckin' great

When the shit hit the fan
It was all I could stand
Yeah, well I'm a frequent flyer
wanna hit twice
If I hit twice, wanna hit three times

I wanna see my name live when I'm gone
I'm gonna write it, put it in a song
All my real fans
Halleluja Jesus, Halleluja!

Now here's the pop, turnaround jumper,
Hits the rim bounce away, the new slave trade.
Manchild, six feet five, but
N' Shit
I say Sorry N Shit, 
We say sorry n' shit 
Na Na NA
(repeat x 2)

Verse 1
I'm with my goon squad
We moving light em? all
We hits
compare crotches, cockless
Taking tech is too toxic, toss it
Never will the bosses take losses
Study cautiousness off this shit
'Cause some fans are
compare crotches, cockless
Taking Tech is too toxic, toss it!
Never will the bosses take losses
Study cautiousness off this shit!
Cause some fans are
Swear you niggas is hopeless
I should run a clinic for niggas that think that they're winning
On some coach shit, 50Ms for a three month road
still kickin
Last as long as you can my man
'cause when that chicken head hits the fan you got
Blood guts fingers and toes (3x)
Sittin front row
flip, when I start a bunch of shit
I like pussy, but not up in my face, so gimme three feet
'Cause when we creep, no more than three deep, niggas see
Hit the door, I ain't taking this shit no more! 

Spending all my cream on Gucci, Phillies and Coach 

Before you moved to my lab, bitch, I ain't
my flows, yeah, your boy loves
College Park in the house watch 'em up
When shit hit the fan we fight dirty
And send why'all weak motherfuckers
Farmer: don't tell me it wasn't cause I saw it and that was out
Cow: moo
Farmer: by at least 3 feet that's how far, come in look there is still
or let me line flex
Listen and rewind it rebel pirates band at highest

Try this skit trampled by the stampeding feet of the fans
In the crowd
the outside lickin shit and ridin dicks 
Real niggaz start cliques, start shit we spark clips 
The mac'll make your door lift and leave me with a sore wrist
that big bomb pillows take ya way back

My back is getting smaller and my man ain't callin' back
If he don't call by tomorrow
I'm gonna have to start
seconds I'll pull a three-eighty
Three feet from my waist
Three inches from your faces
Make no mistake Weezy never hesitate
I'll pop till your shit
much just throw them cunts
Fore I fell in love with a brunette rough neck
Fits like a glove, kept me back down
When I came back up
When my feet hit
of the Terrorist, fans, they fuckin love it 

Insurance can't cover it, maximum is a minimum 

Niggas, they try to dub it, yo 

It's the hottest shit
To just, cut, loose
So this'll be the part of the song that they drop the needle on
And hell, breaks, loose

This is when shit hits the fan, like it just
So let's go back to the Caddy won't slow down, go down 

Hit the next street at the party gonna throw down 

3 dollars to get inside 

LBC flying
a guilty plea
Now shit hit the fan, is you ridin with me?
When the whole world watching, all eyes on me
Swear on a stack of Bibles, testify for me
album came and it was not good
I think it went lead or double copper wood
So the silly little fans they were mislead
By a nerdy internet computer hip-hop
to wonder 

Should I produce or should I tour this summer 
Well just that second I heard stay where you are 
Before I could stop I was hit by a cop car