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new life

Make me a vessel
Of conquerous grace
Music has shown her the way
She lived today
Loved his king's Guinevere
All his love he gave her
Fought through quests to save her
Love, showing the way.
Golden tresses shining
in glee and the beams of love
Were shining on her face
When her lover came and he grasped her hand
And what loving words they said
They talked
eyes, they caught me by surprise
They haunt my memory
Wo oh, she turned me around
Read my thoughts aloud
She moved me with a look
Then vanished in
the mirror will remind her;
Something ?bout the moonlight shining on the bed;
Women don?t get older, just a deeper shade of red.


?Tell me what to do
comes to me, a shining beacon
Confused by the sensual innovation
Passion, towards image of mortal evil
Passion, embraced by the image of united death
know love grows
This can never be
A one-night stand

I'm her knight in shining armour
Joy and laughter hereon after
Mother Nature Father Time
With his orders to pull old No 9
She kissed him goodbye with a tear in her eye
But the joy in his heart he could not hide
Oh the whole world seemed
Torment raging through my veins
While the sun is shining - I decay
You will die by my teeth, for I am your reaper
In eternal night, in eternal winter
flickering grace
That died with the silent age?

When everybody knew your name
They all knew your name

Born wild like a prairie flower
She was sown by
And everything in between
She fills my soul with inspiration
And she washes my spirit clean

so I sing of her glory
Cause I live by her grace
And I follow this
humiliate the now dead King ! But... in the end... I HAVE BEEN DECEIVED !!! CROM and XU have vanished, forgotten by the Race of Man, unworshipped
the lifesaving knight in shining armor
Now what knight's noticing - the scar she can't hide any longer
But they were her story way before he was
It's grows hope
Biblical choirs soar beyond veiled light
A swansong for ravens trapped flapping in night

A tragic yet magickal fall from grace
Too awful
(you're over), I'm eternal (I'm eternal)

We must improve the shining hour
Her soul is laid to rest
We will never meet again
Your life is in our hands
you doing and just like that
Things will happen for you, keep shining them rays
It's bright enough to spread grace over a million graves