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Shelter from the hard rain in the night
Shelter from the hard rain by your side
Very nearly perfect by your side
I take you in my arms now, hold you
of my life
I will be by your side

And I’ll be there when you fall, yeah
And they’ll be no pain at all

And I’ll be your shelter
Your shelter from

If we don't help ourselves, we'll fall
I find no comfort in this world.

I'll never find my way
And I'm broken by...
No shelter for me
I'll never
Words by Bob Hartman
Based on Luke 10:30-37, 1 John 3:17

Where are the amber waves of grain
When one of our homeless native sons has hunger pain
will have to understand

Too dark to see
Cover me with everything
Too dark to see and

Shelter me, the cold wind of illusion's crying
Shelter me,
And with the new light
Goes every morning
I walk the same streets
The same every day
Passed by the people
Who go to the center
The lines of their
let me be right by your side
If love will see it through

You give me shelter on a rainy day
You are all that I'm needed
When clouds are turning
to ease the backward march
Faith eclipsed by ignorance
Deleted time refusing shelter
See the sun turn green
From my penthouse window
It's different now
Because you got no shelter
By experimentation
Enjoy yourself
This is

Oh My Lord From Heaven Above
Help Me
Oh My Lord From Heaven Above
Give Me Strength To Carry On

Lord Give Me Shelter
Every Night, Every Morning
The wind in my arms
Oh, I can't give you shelter
When you are the storm

There is a wind tonight
That blows and chills me to the bone
Here by
staying, just passing by
At the crossroads, horses fed
Guided by stars overhead

Cigano, it's a road to anywhere
Little old sky for shelter
Consumed by this condispostion
I get no thanks for all that's been given to me
See I'm so concerned with some this ambition
I see what I want
them shelter from the coming storm 
Shelter  give them shelter from the coming storm 

I can't sleep I'm haunted by their faces 
The sadness in their
way road, longing shelter

It might be hard, it might be easy
Walking a one way road - longing shelter from the storm
Times are changing but song
Shelter turns to home

Pure as we begin
Here we have a stone
Throw to stay the stranger
Swore to crush his bones

Ruled by will alone

Close your eyes and go to sleep,
There's nothing you must fear my precious ones.
You will be so safe and so
Protected in the shelter of my love.
is really me,
Crush the walls, built together.
Piece by piece, like no other.

Now you see what it's done to me.
There's no shelter, so this is
fading faster

Riding out the wave
Content to feed off the machine
Bleeding us to death
The new American dream

You're blinded by your hunger
But I might as well be 
Holding the wind in my arms
Oh, I can't give you shelter
When you are the storm
There is a wind tonight
That blows
You are my song
You are the oxygen inside these weary lungs
You are my safe place
You are my home
You are my shelter when it all goes up in
Just a little helper to get us by
We all need a little shelter
Just a little helper ooo, and it'll be alright

Check out Mr. Politician in his
to fall, oh yeah
In your heart you don't wanna lose it all
I need shelter through the night, yeah, yeah

I tried to make you listen, I couldn't make you
Standing at accuracy's demise
We have reached the new world wasteland
Population converted one by one, thousands upon thousands
Like scavengers
to the mountain and the mountain stands by me

When the Earth all around me is sinking sand
On Christ, the solid rock I stand
When I need a shelter, when I need