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and he gon' be pouring out Henny
I got a bitch from Minne-Apolis pack a semi
Bang the ratchet at Denny's and fly herself back to Philly
She got a couple
Talk of only one in this fair side
Though they brought him 20 ladies
He would take no other bride

And they say he will not move
Oh he's, not ya average drug dealer, fa sho he's
Bien watched by police, feds
Investigators, oh, can't forget the haters
Home girl ain't got
nothin' though
Still I stand tall pockets thick
Fitted sitting low
Twisting with my chick
Out the manor in front of getting gold
She ain't a gold
the feel, I guess I'm passionately pimpin'
It 'tis what it seems
That thing imprintin' through the seams of my jeans, by all means
Lost it all, from lives
at the concerts

One, two, the whole world is
Tick tock, tick tock
You live by the clock but I move faster
Niggas is sleeping 'cause they thinking
wasn't for you

I miss my fuckin' homeboys
I wish, I could bring em' back
Big Benz with the slap, in the back, by the pack
And if you can't move them,
Unh, young boy from the south side; got a lot of aspirations
Family held me down; had a lot of emancipations
Walked with me in love through all
candy-coated comedians
Live through medium-sized imaginations
Lies and exagerrations, all on an average weekday
They have a unique way, of making you want