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graeme o' the west countree
Fell in love wi' barbara allan
He sent his men down thro' the town
To the place where she was dwellin'
O haste and come to my

The world needs people like you and me
who've been knocked around by fate.
'Cause when people see us,
they don't want to be us,
By David Allan Coe

She's hard to get started
She's always so cold
In the mornings I find her -
She's looking so old
There's so many miles
I've been
of Annabelle Lee
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me

I was a child and she was a child
In this kingdom by the sea
to the girl that was
Did she go inside because it's cold out here

Sooner or later she told me
I am in love again, truly this time
Nothing at home left to hold
nervous, but I just, uh, I --
Dr. stewart: all right, and you were referred to me by anyone...?
Gary phelps: to be honest with you, I saw your name in
And when she loves you ain't she something else

Don't you like the way she clings to you
And loves you 'til there's nothing left
Now tell me don't her
Groovy girls make love at the beach
And Joanie says that Debbie's out of reach
I called the operator, she put me on hold
I keep cryin' out for Cathy
Please stay, forever 

[S. Gary]: 
I'm makin' my move 
I found someone new 
Ain't got no more love for you, ooo 

Don't leave me here
you're making love.
You can be as loud
As the hell you want
When you're making love.

Don't let the neighbors
Stop you from havin' fun,
They'll have
love her, I don't know
Well do you need her, I think so
Do you, do you have to act so blind
Girl you got my love and then you leave me behind

Darkness falls and she will take me by the hand
Take me to some twilight land
Where all but love is grey
Where I can't find my way
Without her
She left me by myself.
She left me this mo'nin'.
She left me by myself.
She said, 'Johnny, yes I'm gone.'
'I won't be back no mo'.'
'You don't stop
Now she's left you
Left you for another guy
Now she's left you
And you feel you want to die
She's no longer by your side
And your tears you
who gon' hold me down in this cold world
Where you girl? Oh
Oh girl, she don't love me like she say she do
Oh girl, she don't love me like she say she
side of lonely
'Cause I never really knew what really matters to me

She don't have to be rich
She don't have to be wild
She don't have to be seen
and slammed the door
Not only she don't love me
She don't hate me anymore

I felt like some neighbor
Just some guy she once knew
You'd never know she
loves a clown, so why don't you?
Everybody laughs at the things I say and do
They all laugh when they see me comin'
But you don't laugh, you just go home
And what's more able, she's all mine

You're asking if she loves me
Well, you don't know the half
You're wondering if she'll leave me
Ha, ha, ha, don't make me
's good, she's good)
Boy, oh boy (she's good, she's good)
Don't you know that she's good to me
She's good, she's good, she's so good to me
And I love her
's good, she's good)
Boy, oh boy (she's good, she's good)
Don't you know that she's good to me
She's good, she's good, she's so good to me
And I love her

She left me with a broken heart
I don't know how to start

She's a low-flying woman she dragged me around
She'll get you
take my weakness
And love it out on you
Right now, I need your love
To hold on to

She's pulling me back again
Darling, don't let her win
Take me
And she holds out her hand
I love you so deep
But you can't understand

Damaged by love
Damaged by love
So young
And damaged by love
Don't be fool by big blue eyes by a smile or a golden curl 
Cause she'll love you now and then break every vow cause she's just a honky tonk girl