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meditating with the devil 
She's cooking salad for breakfast 
She's got tofu the size of Texas 
She's a witness to her own glory 
She's a never-ending
When it's own up time
You're gonna toe the line
She's got her hooks in you
She's got her hooks in me too.
any line
I'm bound and determined
She's gonna be mine but

She's got a mind of her own
And I've got to make her see
She needs a man to be strong
ne sais quoi, you know it
So très chic, yeah, she's a classic
But she's footloose and so fancy free
Yeah, she dances to her own beat
'Cause she's
need no relationship we just fuckin shock
She got her own bread shawty school me in a drop 
Her mama on some day curls her brother got them blocks
Uh, Felli Fel, Ne-Yo, Yeezy, Calm Down, Easy, Easy

[Hook: Ne-Yo]
Keep tellin' me you got a man
But he can't do what I can
Let me, show You what
She had to get a pimp,
She couldn't make it on her own! ("Bangladesh!")
She had to get a pimp,
She couldn't make it on her own!
She had to get
Well she rolls her own cigarettes with the work of just on hand
She acts mean and she cusses I know she wish she were a man
She got her teeth knocked
speaks that body language,
Ain't got to say a word.
All eyes on her.

She owns the night.
She owns the night.
She owns the night.
She owns the night.
still a mystery how I fell in love with her all by myself

She's her own woman
Got it goin' on, that's suits me fine
You're gunna have to find your own
her what it is she do
She had a yodel in her walk a swing like a new back door
As sure as BB done got the blues
I got it bad from my head down to my
She lays her cards out on the table
She always gets what she's going for, and a whole lot more
Got the movers and the shakers
Quaking inside their
be mindin' mine
[ guitar ]
I got a little gal that wears her hair up high the boys all whistle when she walks by
Why don't you mind your own
and Prada's her style
Louis, Burberry by the pile
All them things she got, she got from you
All them things she got, she got from you

Yo she know you come
never at home.
Now she's fighting back the tears, she can't even laugh alone.
She's just sitting by the telephone, like a yo-yo.

You needed me when you
own jeans

You got them 501's
And I got my own jeans

She's wearing hers with class

But she got them up her ass

I'm into my own jeans
She's the girl you see
Walking down the street
Holding her head high
She's confident
Got a laser eye
Swinging to her own beat
belong to you

Keep yo' hands off her
Told ya don't ya dare to touch her
Know she don't belong to you

She got some little bitty hands
An them great big
someone who's free

She's got style and she's got her own money
So she's not another honey you can quickly disarm
She's got the eyes that make you
I was starin at the ¡MAYDAY! tattoo on her cleavage
She also had a Tech N9ne tat on her ass cheek vasoline

She say she just got it done last
style in the automatic car wash
Later that date she took me to see bait
She bought a nacho plate
But only Tech N9ne got ate
The cerebellum was great
Well he's got her going up and down like a yo-yo
And she never feels better than ever, just so-so
Like a shrunken head on a rear view mirror
She came in through the bathroom window
Protected by a silver spoon
But now she sucks her thumb and wanders
By the banks of her own lagoon

me with it

She's a suicide blonde, dyed by her own hand
Suicide blonde, part of the big plan
She's part of the big plan

I got a girl, got a girl, got
she gots.. (hydrolics)
Side to side, her body's.. (hypnotic)
You can't the one and only
I only want you to have fun with the homies
Homies, we