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Julie and little John Tyler lived in the house next door
We would be the great triangle and to this we swore
Julie was my sweetheart, little John
darker by the day
I'm a combination of Skylar Grey, Tyler the Creator, and Violent Jay

It's a f***ing miracle to be this lyrical
Paint my face with clown
darker by the day
I'm a combination of Skylar Grey, Tyler the Creator, and Violent Jay

It's a fucking miracle to be this lyrical
Paint my face with clown
nigga that's absurd
Nigga I am at Pharrell's tryna butt fuck nerds
This just in, Tyler the Creator and Justin Bieber
Was just in the room flippin' Selena
I bumped Ether, bumped Takeover
Seein' Jay and Nas on stage was hip-hop's makeover
And that very day you knew niggas was born
Tyler the Creators
Yeah, she's got it
Ooh, she's really got it

She was born part of a Fifty's dream
TV Generation, from the cradle to the teens
Mr. Rogers, I Love
This is everything that we call hype
I'm everything that they call nice
She in colors and shit, she off that northern lights, right
Intimidated by
Every day blows by in a world of corrupt addiction
With life comes pain withdrawals and deformation
Breaking the mould human appearance
the divine
Find your god, find your peace
Find your truth and your beliefs
Weather you believe in God or the tooth fairy
Bump Brother Ali or watch Tyler
[M and L: T. Eriksson]

Born from the sun in an unholy bond
Between night and the day the creator has failed
Blessed by the light and cursed by
though we was boys, without me
You wouldn't be Tyler the Creator, you're from the Dirty
I can tell whenever you perform, a leopard can't change it's spots)
ain't lyin', we the truth, call him Simba, beats his hooves
Tyler the Creator sweatin' Jesus juice
Put that fuckin' cow on my level, cause I'm raisin'
when I piss feels like a snakebite
My wife says she sick of my behavior
You faggots stop comparing me to Tyler, The Creator
I've been on this shit before
So fucking annoyed because I missed Goliath
Cause some kid said I was there then they caused a riot
Now I'm surrounded by a 25 hound of fuckers tryna
the trees
I'm feeling okay
I know she's waiting there for me

Forgot it's her birthday
She's angry 'cause I'm very late
I buy her a drink
I'm chasing colors
I put my hope in you
I lay my life in the palm of your hand
I'm constantly drawn to you O Lord
In ways I cannot comprehend

It's the creator
behind the theater found a body in the garbage dump.

She got screwed up by religion. She got screwed by soccer players. 
She got high for the first
a hole beneath the bridge
She convalesce, she fashioned masks of twigs and clay
You cried beneath the dripping trees
Ghost song lodged in the throat
dying of cancer after a lifetime of caring for the poor
Child with her arms blown off screams as she bleeds upon the rocks
Sickened by my
I am a modern caveman
Sittin' here by the fire
These hands of mine been busy
They never seem to tire
I am a fearless hunter
Look at all these bones
ah, run so

Said, I'm blind to you haters
See ya touch me room of creators
Me say me busy, love lately
Ask you how the world, ah, run so

of gods she bears

Mother of the everdark
Wearing the cloak of shadows
The skin of the unlight
Wedding gown from fallen stars
So spoiled by the master
of the creator, and question the interconnectedness, and question the purpose, it was a very sad day... 

Wanted by the u.s. government: the lord god almighty.
buy ya
I got em scared, I'm attacking niggas like Michael Myers
I be directing my own movies, I'm Future Tyler
I stay connected, I'm shipping it, I'm my
In the witching hour
Comes a rider in black—cold through and through 
Enslaves by desire
Just like a drug, she´s consuming you slow 

You can’t