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(irving berlin)

What'll I do when you
Are far away
And I'm so blue,
What'll I do?

What'll I do when I
Am wondering who
Is kissing you,
What'll I
Away with the music of Broadway
Be off with your Irving Berlin
Oh I give no quarter to Kern or Cole Porter
And Gershwin keeps pounding on tin
Writer Irving Berlin

Gone is the romance That once was devine It's broken and cannot be mended You must go your way And I must go mine
shielded from dust
Malfunction or not, the fail safe is the crux
So far away from us,
Shaking with the mystery tears
One lonely night in Ladbroke Grove
Soldier soldier by Spear of Destiny
Fighting in the rubble of Berlin
Soldier falls in love with the Frulein
Trading whiskey, food and nylons
Shaking: you crawl away.
But by now you've been so consume.
You gave it up for a dirty dime a dozen now you're layin in the corner so lonely.
Locked up.
Alone, alone

Sent from the skies jumped into the unknown
The march to Berlin has begun
Spearhead the charge surrounded by foes
Eagles are leading
And the world's not ours tonight in a Berlin flat lit by neon lights. 
My boyfriend's in the stairwell, he looks just like James Dean,
much to say
Just turned your back and walked away
That's the game you played
Oh - Are you shaking in your shoes
Lookin' dazed and confused
Now are you
Once there was a young boy in Berlin
Playing in the streets as the war was flying in
Raining down from heaven came the fire
And burned away his
Alone, alone

Sent from the skies jumped into the unknown
The march to Berlin has begun
Spearhead the charge surrounded by foes
Eagles are leading
I dreamed of Judy  Garland and of her bottled blues
Resting in a dressing room, shaking star dust from her shoes

She spoke of her beginnings
I know I can't come near you 
Every time I do 
I get shaking inside and the sun in my eyes 
So I'll stay away

I'd rather be here 
Blue sky morning, red sky night
Sailor take warning when the eagle takes flight
If I had wings I would delight and fly away
Black cloud riding
stand by it today
John Lee Hooker for president

When I was 25 and so full of life
John Lee took me by the hand
In a GTO we did go into the fiery
matter how hard I try
And how will I remain upright as you're walking by?

We were shaking down the reptile house
(We were shakin', yeah we were shakin')
away with it

Poverty in their kitchens
Held hostage by oil-for-food
Yet their own plates are full of the fat of their lands
There's no blood
Washed away
Washed away
Washed away"

Oh, the breath escapes me, I'm shaking like a lost thing
Invaded by your face, overtaken by a feeling
the thing that bring life also take it away
When you say this is a wonderful world, ha-ha-ha-ha

(Sticky Fingaz)
I've seen trees of green, red roses too
a stewardess good ma, I fly too
Now a nigga got baking to bey

Harlem shake naw, I'm in Harlem shaking away
Shaking to bake, shaking to Jake's
Kill you shoot
razor tag slice ya face you're it
It's I who come by drive through
Gator told Maury three quarters sky blue
Look at Miami eyes blue five two
ya face, you're it!
It's I who come by drive-thru
Gator-toed Mauri, three quarters, sky blue
Look at mami: eyes blue, 5'2''
I approached her "Hi
by the burner in case a near try to violate
Never go down, stay rising like Andre
'Cause my corner back every thing the Don say
Long Beach, yeah I
Slipping notes under the desk
While I was think about her dress
I was shy, I turned away before she caught my eye
I was shaking in my shoes, whenever she
on that old mans list
And half way home he was shaking his fist
Cussing that cloud of dust and boys like us

Boys like us are misunderstood
A little