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the crack of dawn

I'm makin' pancakes baby if ya crack the eggs
You'll feel the irish tornado when you spread your legs
No need to bag, and don't trail
I got a little bit of hope
Like a soap on a rope 
Sweeter than sour 
Gettin' thinner by the hour 
Fallin' fast and I'm runnin' out of gas
I heard, I heard a sound a poundin' music and I knew all what that I need
The kind that grabs ya by your shirt collar shakes you up like AC/DC

legs are unsteadied by
The way you close your eyes
I wish we could hit rewind

You leave me in the dark
Recounting all my sins
You put words in my
You're learnin’ baby
Girl, you’re so good

By the way, I knew she was looking for me
By the way that she crossed her legs
I knew she wanted
give it all away
By the sweet way that you talk, yes you do 

You got long legs, a black girl sway,
The way you shake your booty
Gives your
Hey hot shot boy
Hand on your hip
You're wasting your time
Giving me lip
When you look at me, it melts my legs
And wraps me around your
Shake a leg, it's the big rush,
Can't find a taxi can't find a bus.
Bodies jammed in the underground
Evacuating London town.
Nowhere to put your
There's a bottomless pit that we've been climbing from
Just to get on level ground
Shake your seasick legs around
Dead of winter in a logo town
The slant may rain, knows my door
Tambourines my floor in four
Laughs and shakes my folded face where Jesus mowed my lawn

Fame has legs, blazing chrome
you can suck the duck, Something new, I never knew, Something new, I never heard of
You got to shake your legs, clap your hands, stamp your feet, Until
everybody else would shake it, I was kind of shy.
I sat alone all by myself and watched the fun go by.
I got tired of waiting for my turn.
I got up to dance.
come my lady
You're my butterfly, sugar baby
Come my lady you're my pretty baby
I'll make your legs shake
You make me go crazy
Come come my lady
The fine music that you hear is by Stravinsky 
with overall design by Leonardo da Vinci 


So shift yourself and shake your bod
Before we could shake a leg
I was most intrigued by the colored queen
Leaning on the kitchen door
Then I was ushered with my friends
By the butler who was
Before we could shake a leg
I was most intrigued by the colored queen
Leaning on the kitchen door
Then I was ushered with my friends
By the butler who
a trance
It's somethin' funny made by me and it's called the Biz Dance
I think the way I do it is so unique
By the way I move my hands, hip,s legs
happy as I am
Imagine living in a place where the sea was red
And your legs were in the position now occupied by your head
Imagine living in a place
by me,

And as I smoke my Cuban Tree I've got it made.


I'm living fat and I'm living large

Throwing leg in my Bentley car

And my P.O.
I can't enjoy the sunshine for the rain.

Hon., you know I'm always saying I'm sorry
But you stand by me through it all
Seems like every time I
the only chance for me
Your whiplashing legs can shake the nation
Just drive him in the corner, use a combination
Come on, take a spin
You gotta stand by
way before I met you 
And then  

You walked in with legs up to your neck 
You walked in I'm a physical wreck 
You walked in I've lost my
I'll grab her by her beak
And swing her in circles until she's too dizzy to speak

Well I'll shake her from her branch, tear apart her nest
Break her
name until they bury me
I just shake it off, then I shake a leg
A lot of time to make up is what Jacob said
The fans fell for your act, I tell you break
all dangers, snakes and the floods 
burned by the rays and next to our legs, the water so bitter cold 
lunch had been saved along with the lighters