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Where lights are dim
And shades of black are grey

I can always live
Another day...
flavor you happen see

I live in the shade of a forest of green
In the wildest of woodlands that you've ever seen
There's rabbits and quail and tender
this world
To live His life
To live His Word

The color grey is real
A shade that you can't feel
Your world of black and white is surreal

Your take
of the light just fades away 
When you're like a single flower whose colors have turned to shades of gray 
Well hang on and be strong 

Where taking each
Red as the roses come
My love it never was
dark as the evening sky
We let love pass us by
I was caught in the middle
somewhere in the gray
Give me your hand this round is for my pain
Let it all lay dead and erased, 'cause everything is nothing
The words once said, are dripping down by
of treacherous time
And leaves us sleeping
Tortured mute

Devoured by ghostly shapes of life
He slips from ties of dust
To be the world we dream he lives
cool blue waters, with
Shades of gray, just don't let me
Live my life this way
Without you

Let it go, let it go
Let it fall down from the sky
on a montain top
Bown by the deep blue sea

And there we'll do just as we please
It ain't nothing but a breeze

One day I'll be old gray Grandpa
times near the place with the books 

Living with you is a shade of gray
We never had anything to say
Living with you is a shade of gray
of San Sebastian Is just too hot for me

Every single day, for the rest of my way
I live without my love, my God, I have to stay in shade
When I'm old
Just fear for me to find
Pain lives, I'm left behind

The shades upon my face
Can't keep the pain inside
Hear cries beneath my laughter

wanted was 
For me to be miserable
I'm breaking down everyday
The sky is a new shade of grey

Trying to say you're sorry when 
These were you
The way you look, the way you talk,
The way you walk away
Oh I can't take

Heartache by numbers
From violet to grey
I paint all your colours
was where the chest was
Only way our lives open wide and have a shade
That this is to say
If you're on a ferry, freezing time for a while
in you 
My innocence I gave to you 
You`d turn upon this gentle soul 
Destroy naivety and hope 

The day I found the Judas Mirror 
Shades of gray
that my heartbeats gone, uh!

If you talk the talk, learn to walk the walk
That's a rule that you live and die by
That's the rule I lived and died
to the climax of our lives 
And that's good to know 
Though I'll be leaving you 
We'll carry on and into shades of grey again 

Facing what was said
finished her tale
The blank expression went another pale shade of gray
There was nothing to say

In the shadows of her face I saw the scars
That you get
Shawty snap
Ah ho yea
Snap ya fingaz do ya step you can do it by yaself

Play pal what up
Excuse me but this 
Verse has not been russel simmons

Skies blue wide and open
Not a shade or trace of grey
And telephone gas electric
Unpaid what can I say
Let us share the silence
as she finished her tale
And her blank expression went another shade pale of grey
There was nothin' to say
In the shadows of her face, I saw the scars
what we must endure
In all a shade of grey, we took this road before


Calling all the shots, our decider of fate
Is so self-righteously
from wrong

Right or wrong, black or white
Cross the line your gonna pay
In the dawn before the light
Live and die by the shades of gray