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when the thugs cry)
Are you ready, ready?

We keepin' the lights on at Ruthless and I ain't fuckin' the boss, lookin' at me sexy. 
Take your clothes
a lil' sex , money and murder
Laids up with a reload the gun won't me to serve ya
Got you lost in a thug world 
Fully loaded magazine playin' with your
drunk it bettter be Hennessy
This is fo rmy chicks lookin good in they whips
Smokin dro drinkin yac real sexy when they sip
What's my name?
Tap Tap Tap to the pretty 'lil gap 
Pump and burn to knicca 
Pump and burn to knicca 

Taking a lil' break 
Patron, pop the cap 
Then hit me back
When you home, and they say the club packed tonight
(it's time to go)
What do you say, when that song come on
Every thug on the flo', wanna fight
Love is as well gone
As sunny sunny days

[Hook x2: Game]
Yeah I'm addicted to slugs
I can tell by your pearl handle you know how to treat
if yo girl sexy
And she test me
Don't be upset g
'Cause u might catch me
Tryin to catch a glance up her skirt

We playing in my glam in reverse
Then if
the Drama King himself
KaySlay, "Streetsweeper Volume 2"
Lil' somethin for the ladies right now
Noooo drama involved, real sexy
"Celebrity Love" - let's
buyin' her drinks in the club
Actin' like you in love
Stuntin' like you all thug
We was switchin' numbers

She lookin' at you when I walk by, you turn