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here from the darkest deep
And hear my name

Down by the lake, there's the shadow of grief
Dancing hand in hand with the Devil

Watching from
Then mutate into spores

On dry land (dry land)
Where the living scream die man (die man)

By the seventh day, He rested as He looked
The seventh king of the dawn

He was called by the name, Angelheart

The second tide had turned
Completing the nightly sign
To start a change to come
By dawn's early light
I see no end to the
Dark obsession
I am swallowed by night's
Infernal dream profession
O' sea of fire, all hatred's desire
Poverty is a broken down shack...
[ harmonica ]
Poverty is a workin' six days from dawn to dusk
Seventh day is Sunday and go to church you must
When they
I feel thorns where my crown was
(I be weak but I'm alive)
From the dusk until dawn yeah
(I'll survive 'cause I got) sweet victory
Nobody can take it
that I'm gone with it
From dusk to dawn you could ask the matradi
Bizzy got that Filet Mignon
I don't need no empathy play the track
As I control
on mic's
At astronomical Heights
Guided by the northern lights
Poltergeist, masquerade as Christ, entice like Heidi Fleiss
Trying ta put the righteous on ice
comp-atition they gettin' bombed in the trunk 
Cause we keep 'em chunk in the trunk 
They gettin' bumped in the trunk 

[The Grouch] 
What can I learn from
now been burried in burns land
With the Arch Angel, Seventh the Land
And a voice from the temple ordered to form the ground
Sand, the Hell, twight
rock from the dusk till dawn
through the day to night, from the dark to the light
The way that I rock is catastrophic
It's sick, psychotic, nerves I
oppressive, and all day the omnipresent sand has been whipped up by an impudent wind, making progress all the more difficult. At dawn, I pinpointed the location