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drinking that clear lookin for a bitch 
That got a lil? money man and suck a lil? dick 
Your boyfriend trippin tell him be boo 
Live by the G-Code and play
[Chuck D]
Damn back again up on track again
Some of why'all black again it got dark
On your mark get set 
Out of sight out of mind 

eye, eye...

If you trip off your mouth and my strap's in my lap
It ain't no get-back, prepare for your casket
Nutshell Nazi, the S.C.C.
roll too thick
Bangin before hair start to grow on my dick
Fool, you best not be slippin by your lonely
Collectin my stripes, cause b.g. eiht was hungry
Dyin to get busy, because I knew I had the tools
Then I got the heart and went by the set
I said, "Yo, I wanna rock the set" "Yeah no sweat"
green god
Nigga I ain't going to my mama house
Try being my mama mouth
Your trap boomin you ain't rit up
You don't need last for half hour
Tap for
come forward

[ VERSE 2: Brother Ali ]
Me and my people are signed, sealed, delivered, incorporated
brought to your by Rhymesayers Entertainment
You got
pies, ten cars, five drives, ten bars, fi-fi
That's fifty-five thou, sha-na-na, bye bye
My fittings touched tailored, joined by Chuck Taylors
Off that ignorant, belligerent
Gorilla people like mugilla
From the chickens liver stanky rivers like kitty liver
Take my finger out your putang
After midnight, this full pound gon' make some sound, nigga

Kick in the door
I throw your wife on the couch
I put my dick in her mouth and put that