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handed down
Feel my roots run deep in this ground 

So stand me up tall in this seat
Lord help me guide this plow beneath my feet
And turn this earth over
can live off the land these days
Is to buy and sell


Like the rain on the roof on the porch by the kitchen
Where as my grandmother
million feet
Like a broken rose
I lost my root
Tell me can a rose live without a root
can be broken
Hold your devil by his spoke and spin him to the ground

And root to root and tip to tip
I look at him my country gip
Let it up I own
(Money) the root of all evil
Deceiving cause even my closest people tryin' to get me for my (money)
'Cause envy breeds jealousy, jealousy breeds hate
Money, forget the money

("Money") The root of all evil
Deceivin' 'cause even my closest people tryin' to get me for my ("money")
'Cause envy breeds
Then the clouds broke apart
Then the sun reappeared

No, it didn't, but it felt like it did in my heart
I wanted to live again

Oh, by the way we lost
Talk to me 'cause I've been talking to myself
Help me get these thoughts out of my own head
I don't believe, most days I don't believe
Mercy is true,
me live
I look to you, aim away
It appears to me

We're living in a rage of fire
Drowning by the winds of change
No one has the right to come
need to stone my brain, I need my head for something else
I want to live and learn, step by step I'm going on

Send me a sign, don't want to resign
of chilly
Then I send a shorty from my block to the store for Phillies
After being blessed by the herb's essence
I'm back to my rest, ten minutes some odd
my parole
Now, I'm on my way back down town
Somebody help me, have mercy on my soul

I go to court tomorrow morning
And I got the same judge I had
In the darkness of the night.
Being moved by the shine of the moon.
Considering and full of hope.
I'm only way to the roots of pain.
for me

Still the blood run through my veins
There's a place that I belong
Roots in foreign soil
Still my heart beats on
Reach inside your soul
Something's got to change
Something's got to give
Existential weight on mind
Is not my way to live

Crushed by this fate
Under this weight
Crushed by
with kinks
When it all goes down, have no idea what it really means.
To live by words, if scripture is roots,
And the wise hold they tongue when
You got to change, now it's too late, goodbye
Heal all the world.
Heal all the world.

I want to change it, you've got my live back
Send me
roots boy fallout live
But listen,


Verse 2 [Black Thought]
You see the girls look good but they brains not ready 
I talk to a woman, he mind
You want my love 
Tell me what have you to give? 
What can be done 
When I've my own life to live? 
All that you want 
Is very hard to come by
Call to the darkness, the wrath of the desert, skulls piled in 
A row, why didn't you see? carry me back, drag me by foot 
Saving my life, slitting
kiss me I am lost
Or is it that I'm found
My feet send roots beneath the rocks
To fix me to the ground
Never to float away again
A captive to the tide
could be taking me
For a ride

She could drag me
Over the rainbow
Send me away
Down by the river
I shot my baby
Down by the river

The wild bride lives
In the back of a forest
On a black dark path
Her feet are like tree roots
Her hands of vines
And she holds you and she will
to her
I'd rot in that prison for sure
Yeah, she'd toss me aside
And show me the way to die

By the precepts of her purity
So unlike the habits of my
and arrow
I shoot, get the loot
I pluck ?em up by the root
I never stick ?em soft, I'm pick ?em off like fruit
This is my territory, Yankees want to block us