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will see

A tiny little version of the tallest tree
An optical illusion of the human mind
Posing as a real life

I never have my mind made up
Pre>this is reported to be played with open tuning but what tuning
Exactly I don't know. I have created a simple version which
Gets me by. it
The events of the Tain are estimated to have taken place in Ireland 
Approximately 500 B.C. The earliest written version of the Tain known
To us is contained
her face, shining like that light house
Through all the pouring rain and the way she called my name
Well, I've lived those seven days a thousand
think my times were free
All the ways you say to me
Sweet versions of lets wait and see

But you're always a golden boy
And I'm the girl that you enjoy
talk me
Are they surprised by what we see?
Like the tables and the tides turn
back on my bed the emperor worn
Is that enough for me, could it be?
without disdain
The seven tongues of god are in my mind, they speak to me in ancient DNA design
I have never seen god, you have never seen god
And when
Show me the world outside,

Seven years inside this fear, it's the long way,
It's not for me,
A simple road with little, oh, it's the cheap
Better made than European's robot John H. Thomas 

Model seven decimal put out by Jaguar 

without the automatic chemical release 

emergency vomit
Simple dreams created by the passion
In a place I've never been before
And letter perfect expectations of a love affair
That's what I found when I
want to see
A mind as narrow as the road I walk
Always upright but always wrong
They foresee violation of the law and suicide of remorse
Flying through space and time
To see what's real and what's fantasy
In silence I'll always remember
To search the open door
And by this conclusion I
Open your eyes to see
Drifting into hazed insanity
Finally the light has taken
Control of my mind

Are they guardians...
... Gods
and an open mind
Listen up before the day has faded 
I've got a really short story to tell
As anyone can see that you've creating your gun
Counting on hope
A silly bum with seven stars
Don't throw the key or you will see
Dimensions cruel as they can be
Don't let him suck off your power
Throw the key,
of predicted danger)

It's your disgrace
But you made it well,
So the world can tell
It's your face
It's on the fire that burns inside
And I see the light
Modern-day segregation, in these streets we roam
Heart-breakin', to see my brother die by the face of the chrome
My ace be leasin' up-state, doin' seven
of mountain pine
Surrender everything

Only those who
Greatness see in little things
Worthy are the simple
They're happy in their ways
Self will wither
Awakened I have become
Light now slips away
Manipulate your mind
Darkness is my slave

Taste the sins of Hell
The blood that I so crave
a desire to know if she's taken
I was askin', "Is your heart vacant?
Excuse me, Miss, how you feel? Can we build?"
Could it be the mind you see, guidin'
floating in the S.E., now let's see
Half of y'all niggas built your vine from my stress tree
Faggots, homos, yo, my flavor liver than adobo
Stay militant
As I stand at the crossroad,
I see the sun sinking low
With my cross of indecision,
I can't tell which way to go
Now I have seen the seven
The math, kings of light departed in wrath
So where you gonna stand when the Elohi returns
Seven great stages throughout the ages say you burn
what we see?
Like the tables and the tides turn
On my bed the emperor worn
Is that enough for me, could be

If music got to free your mind
Just let
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Matthew 7:3,5, James 1:2, Matthew 5:16

Too many black sheep in the family
Too many stones from a house