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waves as they wiggle in my water bed 
Pull back the leather covers and silk bedspread 
A mornin massage turnin into a real rough rubdown 
So I figured
crawfish grizzly bear.
plague language plague language yeah.
all i need is my tripwire styrofoam astroturf surf board and 
to live in the global warming
So high but no chance

My little chemical romance left a bad taste in my mouth
But I approached her like hey Mercedes why the long face
In defense of Reality 7"
By Shelter
(c) 1991
"In Defence of reality"
Security. Well, how secure are we?
Making our plans in a castle of sand as our
I can change your mind
Soon as you walk out my door
I'm gonna call a hundred times

Now I walk under a pink sky
Lovers for long and pass me by
And we're taking cutbacks somebody gotta get dropped 

Capital investments by sequence automatic mechanical problem secure 
Space investor,
beyond deep 
I got a chemical romance, two left feet 
So now I dance with the devil please G.O.D. 
Save me from the black parade, release me 
My life
Foggin?up my senses 
You're making me sensless 
You're calling it sexual. 

And you're going to get yours, my lady. 
Might even be today.
Walk away clown boy, vanish
Feelin' outlandish, chemicals soaked in my cabbage
Face numb, face off rap shit, straight no chasing that dragon
They say krill white boy when the sound strange
Don't secure we been on 'em gotta hide my chain
A lot of rappers crying never seen the dime that
pills by it.
And went back 'n forth from
Work by it.
And paid their rent by it,
And before long they were even
Birthday parties in the office