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goes around like a 40 ounce
Now, I'm-a take a sip, now its time to bounce
I wont get tipsy, I don't drink and talk
And, no, I'm not a hoddlum by
Mephistopheles, bringing swords of Damocles
Secret service keep a close watch as if my name was Kennedy
Abstract raps simple with a street format
Gaze into the sky
Secrets of the dead

Deserted by the ghosts that knew
Man's triumphs had no bounds
Left starving by our own mistakes
The sands reclaimed their ground

better be
Ready to die because you're petty
You're just a butter knife, I'm a machete
That's made by Ginzu, wait until when you
Try to front, so I can
Time swings like a wrecking ball into things
Youth fades as quickly as a hit parade
But as the days go by in the gray world outside
Days grow
the cloudy night

But the night becomes you
And the secrets of the rain, they will stay the same
And the time will come soon 
With the secrets
On the way to heaven
The secret garden
Unknown by the outer world
Wrapped up in satin sheets
Hugged close then
I cannot see anything
Like I
We'll ride tonight, if the demographic's right

Jump on the next big thing, by June she'll be full swing
Start now and you'll have time to savor, being
circles howling at the moon
In another life, he will be enchanted by a woman

Secret God, stir up the dust
Breathe my name
Secret God, stir up the dust
me free
My future to be

Yes, I've got a secret
It changes me as time goes by
It's strange that no one knows why
But I

What's happened to me
Be-because it's OK, ya know, it's OK to brag and boast 
From time to time, ain't nothin' wrong with that 
So I'm gonna have a little fun with it 
Play pool with the planets

We are renegades
The movement outlandish
My shit straight from the soul
Goddamnit, it's the one time only

I'm sinking in
To a sea of secrets
Warm and green
Down and down
Back to times and places never seen
Now and then
I can wake and I remember
Still don't know how he got my number
Thought I'd got him out of my life
But I agreed to see him just one time
Never thought I'd fall for him
let's rip up the floor like confetti
cause we'ed never fess or front
when it's time to get hyped on the mic or on a fly dance tip
paid to entertain ya
Born from the depth of my brain
Born in the night of the times
Born by the nothingness

Born by bloody massacres
Born by massive executions
The time and the space

Baby when you got a secret love
Every little touch is not enough
Every little moment we're apart is pain to me
The time and the space

Baby when you got a secret love
Every little touch is not enough
Every little moment we're apart is pain to me
Locate a lass who's fair of form and deliver her to me
The world can be a lonely place to pass the time
Watching and waiting as the miles roll by

counterfeit the vessels through flesh and time

These pacts we keep in secret
Drinking from a well that was cured by drought

My torment adores you
came your face
You have eyes time can't erase
You pull the sun
That's what nobody knows but me
One day our secret will not be a secret 
The secret of spice seems to follow
The journey about to begin.
The time you will spend won't be wasted,

No matter the steward may bring.
your sights set far
No time for sympathy

Keeping up with the Jones's
Smiling at the neighbors
Don't let them see your

Dirty, Dirty Little Secret
Moments caught across an empty room.
Wasted whispers, faded secrets.
Quickly passes, time goes, time goes by too soon.

We stood alone, silent
you out of time
This is crime by design
If the crown ain't mine tell me who am I behind

Yeah, I'm taking niggas' lunch money
Too bad, I was fucking