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Well, I'm feeling so much better 
Yes, I'm livin' like a king 
I'm on my second bottle of Dr. Good 
And by now I don't feel a thing 

Well, I hope
invention the king battle of epic proportions 
Lyrical intrigue, the master of contortion 
Optimized computerization virus 
Paradoxical acoustic sound
keep it
My father is no secret I
Jah Jah is no secret

Jah Jah is no secret Jah Jah is no secret
By the rivers of Babylon
Where we sat down and Oh we
The ground starts to shake as we ride
Side by side

Stormbringer led us into the unknown
On wings of glory we will carry on

Legacy Of Kings
Well I must be king

And she and I are like brother and sister,
I get to be her companion
And share her secrets,
They put us side by side to live
're the ones who bring desire by the greed and fears
We're a king of fallen men
We are keepers of the damned
through the hoping to obsession
We're the king
"Come they told me
A newborn King to see
Our finest gifts we bring
To lay before the King...Oh when we come"

[solo: Mike]

It's Christmas
done by Mr. Zappa that I think are unfair to our country.

I think, from the beginning, to say that this is going to be balanced, when he has this
king, gold strength unlike all what we have been before
Obscured legend lines hiding the truth of eternal...existence
Purifier of the stars, has a fire
the secret of the potion of the gods
Conquest by fire and rain of blood, hunting the shadows of the
Black Abyss, we pray, we sing in the circle of Eternal
like a queen
By a man who deserves to be treated like a king
What a woman wants, what keeps her holding on
Is a loving man who understands what
the memory
The wisdom of the kings
The secrets of this forest
The ride of unicorns
Are treasures of these valleys
Where freedom has its throne
Where love must
and smiled
Secrets in his eyes
Sweetness of desire
Is this desire
Enough enough
To lift us higher
To lift above?

Hour-long, by hour, may we two stand
the killers
Get everyone in town
Stand me by those pillars
Let me take this temple down

The king so kind and solemn
He wears a bloody crown
So stand me by that

Through the limits of the sky the silence grows
But here the king of our lives is the sound
It makes the time on a clock
It makes a torment
of the king
Written here in pages old the secrets of this thing
Imagination hanging by the lucid threads he claims
Where all around damnations lie they're
the king of your satellite castle?

Winter's cold spring erases
And the calm away by the storm is chasing
Everything good needs replacing
Look up, look
secret tight

They let him in by a back way
Into a chamber reserved for the Queen
She took the note that he gave her
Opened it slowly and started
about that
Its about us bending like vocals on ill tracks
Classic, like a novel by Stephen King
Always resting by the revel where a social reign
the king of your satellite castle?

Winter's cold spring erases
And the calm away by the storm is chasing
Everything good needs replacing
Look up, look
Mouthfuls of sky
Now I bring all our secrets
To show and tell
How we dragged each other
Through heaven and hell
It's our smoking gun
But hey, we
no more
Oh mama, what will come of me? 

The other night we painted posters
We played some records by the coasters
Wah wah wah wah
A bunch
Fortresses of stone, turn into crystal tears
Soothed by southern winds; I’ve found my strength now
And nobody knows, and we must keep their secret

From the heart of Europe we marched
Down to the cities of the holy land
We pledged our lives to serve the cross
To guard the secrets of the temple's
how good and pleasant it is
She'll stand by me
Birds of one feather
We worship JAH together
Sitting on a throne of gold

In the morning
While I'm waking