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To takin' belongings in my ultimate goal
I'll take your China and your silver and your soul
By darkness and night I shimmy up the drain-pipe

The maggot,
once we got a hold

I forgot the name
I took a shot on the chin
I'm rearranging my game
Tell by the shape I'm in

In line of fire, you know what
go by
Into the realm where love is held
We've got to go on, let secrets go

When the truth can be told, then love takes
A different turn for you and I
Take a cupful from your hand
Wait for forty days
Make a river through the sand
'Til you're called by secret name

And the weight of the water
I can cure the hunger that burns in your heart
Just come to me
I'll take you home
We'll walk in the shadows
By day we'll live in a dream
we share so many secrets
There are some we never tell
Why were you so surprised
That you never saw the stranger
Did you ever let your lover
own girl 
Touch you like my own girl, take you round my home boy 
And can take you by the house and let you check out my four car garage
And put her
of summer rain
I knew you that way

The way cool mountain waters dance down to the sea
Bound by something strong but still so wild and free
It gives into
Between the streets, before the night
I found you all alone
Shaking tired, but looking lost
I came to take you home
And we're walk in silence
If you creep pon your man no mek no-one see you
Can't mek nobody have no secret for you
Hookie jookie and the nookie that I'm giving to you
You should know by now.
You've been there yourself.

Once I used to believe I was such a great romancer.
Then I came home to a woman that I could
You should know by now
You've been there yourself

Once I used to believe I was such a great romancer
Then I came home to a woman that I could not
countrymen will show you the way
By the light of 4000 torches
A turn of fate will carry you home

The day is won for you and your brothers
Many dead lie
Behind my eyes
I keep my truth from you.
No one enters
this secret place,
the barrier only I embrace.
Time is fleeing now they say,
Take time
in a haste and by mistake got thrown away

And oh, I am so homesick
But it ain't that bad
'Cause I'm homesick for the home I've never had
on the shores of this lake
As they look upon me, to stare death in the face

I don't need a reason, and I won't tell you why
I'll just take you to hell by
cause I sure ain't no saint
You'll always be my angel no matter what you do
Cause you take me to heaven just by being you.

Tell me a secret
Tell me
Well Harry had a good job 
Working for the Secret Service
He had a wife and kids at home 
Who made him awful nervous
He'd never done a damn thing
Disconnected by your smile
Wishing you were real to me
Wishing I could make believe
I'll take my secrets to the grave
Safely held beneath

And if you take my hand
Please pull me from the dark
And show me hope again

We'll run side-by-side
No secrets left to hide
Sheltered from
God knows I've waited patiently
Take it, take it
There's a secret next to me

Panic stations don't set in
Don't worry if you're not getting
built that Challenger by myself
But I needed money and so I sold it
Lived a secret I should've kept to myself
But I got drunk one night and I told it
(J. Ferguson/Sloan)

Well you've got your bags together
And you're off into the new world
The mother is impatient
With four sons
She wanted four
Keep your spirit burning bright
Set down the stones you carry
Take the weight off your mind
When you're facing the path that divides
Know that
, tell me your name
Tell me your secrets

Does it please you to employ
Little girls or little boys
Nasty habits, nasty habits
Do you like to romp