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Of nature's truthful solitude
Of wisdom's inner light
That shines in mystic multitude

The guiding source within,
So few of us will ever know
And few will
Free and untamed that's how I've grown
Settling down ain't my nature
Roots I'll never own
Oh your smile
But tell me, ain't your child
How can
anybody care.
Where's the man, where's the child

Wrapped together side by side.
Who can tell you what to do,
When Mr. Time has come for you.
But tell me, ain't your child
How can you cage a bird
Born to be wild

I'm Johnny Raven
(He's Johnny Raven)
By and by (By and By)
Oh, I'm going
anybody care.
Where's the man, where's the child
Wrapped together side by side.
Who can tell you what to do,
When Mr. Time has come for you.
have died
Man signed their fatal destiny

His dreams tell him of ancient times
Of wolves and men running side by side
How delightful freedom must
Damned at birth, the child king born.
The prophets warned beware the second son.
Born to lead! And then raised in peace and harmony
My fellow man
like to see me ball and chain
But I'm a child of God
So my destiny's ordained

(Eighth round!)
Undisputed is the title I claim
'Bout to shoot
Y'all cats is foreplayin'
I'm pregnant by the game

(Seventh round!)
Some would like to see me in ball and chain
But I'm a child of god
So my
Faith, it looks familiar
The walls, drop a portrait of my past
And the hands of God they cry
As every second of the hour goes by
And the wheels kept
See yourself as a child reaching out
 In search of a landmark to guide your way
 Put yourself to the test, the trial by fire
 'Cause it's the only
heard from you in a while
So break it down for the cheering, Latin style
Destiny's Child remade numero uno
You want to hate me now like Nas
the air, you're about to be prepared for
You've heard us speak, attention should be second nature
Or maybe you enjoy being severly severed
By sacred sabres
Respirators for killing my best, poor haters
On permanent, hiatus as I skate
In the Maybach Benz, flier than Sanaa Lathan
Pumping "Brown Sugar" by D'Angelo
The unauthorized copy. Dedication to my children, my child
Destiny Jones. To my niece and nephews, Suree, Malik, Jabari.
The world is
This is a motion picture
Courtesy of The Emcee
With an original score, by the Golden Child
I wanna tell y'all bout my first time
I know its kinda
kingly aspiration
My feet stand on pavement once felt by Perry Mason
'Cause self-preservation is the first law of nature
I clutch a M-I-see while semi-
human beings, 
Zero feelings 

Blame it on 
Human nature,
Man's destiny 
Blame it on the greediocracy 
The fear of god, 
The fear of change,
No window view tortuous bamboo through cuticle
No destiny child descension
Through the maze of corporate system
Pay cuts and more workload filling
So you don't prepare for the death, you live for the life
And live right like, do right by your kids and your wife
Have fun as a child, yo them years
spit the fire til it burn down Babylon

Take a piece of America back
You will learn
It's called truth

Death by suicide bomb, protestants, Bibles,
Let freedom ring with a buckshot, but not just yet
First we need to truly understand the nature of the threat
And a pale man walks in the threshold
toll on all that practical destiny
And then child-sized specificity.
Lain there,
Inherent in the once one cellded organism.

A consummate pin-hole
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

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