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all about your lady
'Cause she's all about the size x (sex) ha ha

It's The Man You Love 2 Hate
The J.R. Ewing of Seattle

It's The Man You Love 2
heavy hell
Super-size it by ten
I don't care anymore
I don't care anymore
You never know
You never know

It's a dear to transcend
Everyone here,
Eats but one in every ten
Leaves the others on the mat

And the mouse police never sleeps
Waiting by the cellar door
Window-box town crier
Go to sleep hoe, go to sleep, go to sleep hoe, go to sleep
If you tired be quiet and go to sleep hoe, go to sleep
Go to sleep hoe, go to sleep, go
refinery sun

My generation is zero
I never made it as a working class hero
21st century breakdown
I once was lost but never was found
I think I'm losing
Mind is on
Sleep never comes
Remember to tell no lies
Convicted by ideas
That false heroes
Lead the earth
Into an era

Mediate culture
You say you fight to give us freedom
But often more than not this is abused
And the faces of a tired generation
Have decided they are sick
your way [Repeat: x 2]

You may be stinging
But you'll get by

Don't turn away [Repeat: x 2]

Come out swinging
Never alone again

The pain
A generation lost, four deadly years
Families left behind to a life of grieving
Ten million graves to be left untended
Nothing anymore left to believe in
sees all the pain she brings everywhere she goes. 
She feels they'll never want her.

She dreams of a day when she won't have to cry herself to sleep
its rotten core 

By the pricking of my thumbs 
Something wicked this way comes 
And when sleep takes you tonight 
Will you wake to see the light
X marks the spot
Be careful what you say

I'm the voice you hear inside
It's you that I'll betray
Your head when you sleep at night
You crucify
has sold more then ten million copies, turned Kurt Cobain into a spokesman for his generation
It is a mantle with which he was never comfortable
Walk this world alone try to stay on my feet

Sometimes crawl, fall, but I stand up cause I'm afraid to sleep
And open my eyes to a new day, with all
Shut up,
I don't never want to hear you say that again
Baby I'm not going nowhere
Look at me, you understand me?

Now, what gave you the silly
be peace, or all we all just headed for doom, still 


by the peace, and i'll know there never be peace, that's why I keep my 

will not last
I will not sleep
While you are throwing anchors
To a drowing generation
Yeah, well that's what I said
Drive drive the vultures home
my words I meant it
Protected by the First Amendment
If this was Iraq I'd a been beheaded
Instead of sparkin a dime log
I'd be hangin in Baghdad
circlin', two cuts on shorty mugged
Streets turn by the fliest of bug
It's switch the e-shit fucker
I take rhymes like a piss
Eat the beats like tuna fish
The way they feel inside
The why they never make it (by?)
The way they are inside
The why I never take the time
The way they are inside
David Hinds
Malcolm X
Malcolm X
Born in imaha Nebraska
May 19 year 25
Was the son of a Garvey teacher
We will keep his name alice
the rap got cancer
Tumors poppin' from the middle of rumors
Generation x be the end of baby boomers
Is the next generation headed for doom
to steal
It's the boomiest
It's the bassiest
And those baggy pants are weird

He's a product of the Snoop Dog generation
I've never seen a white boy
done by detestable physicians
The Freedom of Choice Act soaked in baby's blood
Instead of adoption a massacre eventuates
Another generation
too much on my plate
Flow like Watergate
With nine of mine 
I'd get piece of mine
Again and again
With that power of ten men 
Duplicated by