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honey, can't race the wind
Good lookin' here I go

Call me forty below
An' I'll be whippin' in your window
I'll be lickin' round your knees
I can

I got a Winchester two forty three 
I like that gun for deer

Upstate November and the air is free
Feels like hunting seasons here
Brother in tears 
Look at this chain of sorrows 
Stretching all the way from here and now to hell and gone 

I was Kid Clean 
She was Anne de
I was in heaven
I was in hell
Believe in neither
But fear them as well
This one's a doctor
This one's a lawyer
This one's a cash fiend
And devotion 
 My heart like the bird 

 That dives into this ocean blue 
 Lanes that have brought me here 
 Framed in season flowers 
 Lined in summer
-- and I'm one.

You come to get rich (damned good reason);
You feel like an exile at first;
You hate it like hell for a season,
And then you are
I’m out here

Looking for revenge
All summer sixteen
All summer sixteen
Playing dirty not clean
Out in front of Four Seasons
Looking like
The words I'll never find 
And I'm left behind 
As seasons roll on by 

Now I want to fly above the storm 
But you can't grow feathers in
us, like the seasons do
That life goes by so fast
The winter lays her fingers cold
On dark and lonely nights
But christmas it will soon be here
their eyes to the truth once again
How is it that you know the season's changing by the leaves
But still you do not know that summer's near?

in barrels
Sleep covers Abuse with Time
Too many dream-haunted hours
Leaves me with seasons swelling and growing
And without welcome, fading
know what suits you best
Sixty-five or Forty West

Without a doubt I may be wrong
But I've got a feeling going strong
In this world we won't be long
"Seasons Change, mad things rearrange" - Lauryn Hill, "How Many Mics"
"Play me in the winter, play me in the summer, play in the autumn, any
"Seasons Change, mad things rearrange" - Lauryn Hill, "How Many Mics"
"Play me in the winter, play me in the summer, play in the autumn, any
Shangri-la la la la la la la la la

St. Peter, don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I love my friends in hell, as above and so below
When the rapture comes,
Well, I don't know but I heard tell
Of a fungus below a place called hell
And who would catch me if I fell?
Who would pray for me?
But one thing I see
licking all the boy talk,
I feel like that song by Bobby McFerrin

No worries 'cause everything cool
No school, no rules, just jump in the pool
like a whole pot of coffee 
Have you and your shorty doin' 80 in a 40 

From the streets below to everything above 
To the heart that
a frightened, lonely girl 
Small town misconceptions of Eden by the sea 
Foggy dreams of youth explode in stark reality 
The grass looked so much greener
flapped long ears and didn't brush up by day
Got his long ears whittled and his old hid scorched in a most artistic way
Now one fine day old Sandy Bob he
it while this gettin good cause Granny ain't gon' live forever
Season changin, we like these dependin on the weather
Look what we doin, summer's
shit change
Get lil updates, texts in my inbox have been poppin'
Seasons go by like I'm binge watching
Went from club Paltzo in the bridge to Club
So vile men's torment was truly a pleasure
A plain that would change mankind for ever more

Catherine Black slept fitfully in the summer night.
Say a prayer for the cowboy
His mare's run away
And he'll walk til he finds her
His darling, his stray
But the river's in flood
And the roads
Then you might be gay, bitch

Summer time, hot as hell
Blunts goin' round like a carousel
Blunts goin' round like a windmill
Oh, it's gettin'