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You were always tryna fill the void, my brother
A habit so old, tryna find that something new
Never stare in the arms of a lover
Seeking darkness
The weight came and went and took my will to live
Spoiled by defeat, forced to drown in what's left of me
That's when breathing became routine
Can the church say Amen? (Amen reverend)
We gon' do another off in right now
We gon' do another one in fifteen minutes
And we gon' do one mo',
a man and stand up tall?
Seeking for a reason Always searching for the truth
You gotta fight, fight, fight! Cause we are the angry youth.

I'm broke
was discovered by Grand Wizard Theodore

July 1980 hip-hop's first national news story and on ABC
In 82 came the cd in 83 Ad the the Technics
SL 100 MK2
The spaces have always been created by the gentle and caring,
To be later filled by bullies and egotists.
We can try to fill those spaces with