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By silverfish imperetrix, whose incorrupted eye
Sees through the charms of doctors and their wives
By salamander, drake, and the power that was
With lyrics by Ervin M. Drake
the mountains and the valleys to the shore
She's mighty tall and handsome and known quite well by all
She's a mighty famous thing called the Wabash Cannonball
Side by side we face each other
Standing here alone together
Your code ill break, 
You made your last mistake
Called out cold war
Remnants now
Taken by the benumbed hands of an overthrowing fabricated God
Sadism is fashioned to derive pleasurable
And gratifying entertainment among
The question is this
By will alone
Does my heart carry the strength
To see you burn?
When I do not wish to part
To see them farewell
Does my

Endless repression by majority
A master without command
Strange new dimension disturbing my brain
Censored ideas, counterfeit answers
Grease, sweat, coffee, faded shipyard pictures
Giant living there I used to know
Author of the testosterone scriptures
Where did you go?

Now I
to the flooding of bedsheets with sick crimson rain. A warped diction of scriptures befouled, traditions steeped within disgraces reviled.

Father, unholy one,
Written for faith
By the power it exists
Formulated by faith
In these pages exists the

Dogma condemned
Dogma condemned
Cecille will pick out all your clothes
Blue is her best color, no red I think
Your bath is drawn by Mrs. Greer
Soap, no, bubbles, I think

of the Lake. It is still not known today where King Arthur lies]

On the way to Avalon
Excalibur will go on
Saved from the evil, true to the drake
Kept by
call it love

(Oh Pete Drake)

Bo came by to see us he's a friend of days gone by
Danny played some guitar licks that made me want to cry
his legions 
Orc warriors with the fire-drakes 
Led by the Balrog demons 

They appeared before the gates and quickly the Gates fell 
The way was
his legions 
Orc warriors with the fire-drakes 
Led by the Balrog demons 

They appeared before the gates and quickly the Gates fell 
The way was
I met her in Atlanta she was a dancing in a cafe
With a price tag on her body and a tombstone in her eye
You could tell she was not happy by
Lion Of Judah
Words and music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan
Messiah would come
The earth would rejoice
The people start to sing
For they would
divide The Word of Truth,
Profit for doctrine and reproof,
Rightly divide The Word of Truth,
understand Scripture and it's use.

[Verse 2]
a giant's dream
Breath the smoke of bodies set free
Read the scripture and glorify

Let the death of sound
Sing the end of time
By a promise
From Transylvania's land 
Her father was the prince of the dawn 
By the name of Lord Tyrant 

Rosalie began to cry 
Oh Ula Drake said she 
As the dying earth agonizes
And pervades the horrors of holocaust
Accursed epitome of the emptiness of god
Fallen scriptures denounces deceit
From the womb, to the tomb
An eternal struggle for the holy truth
We are not the first, nor shall we be the last
We shall be followed by thousands
a future
When the future disappears
Conscience of the kingdom
Left the king to reappear

Truth is but a burden
Laying burden by the few
Left unto
Six white horses coming two by two
Six white horses coming two by two
Coming for my mother, no matter how I love her
Six white horses coming two
all wishes are stored 
Old an' new . . . 

So be patient, leave it to heaven 
And your wish will come true 
Someday soon . . . 

Words and Music by