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shadows that haunts me
Poisoned by the silence you bring
Cast me into your inexhaustible well of suffering
As I fall asleep, a delightful deathlike sleep
In shimmering circle of silver light by lightning, thunder, hail and wind I conjure thee in icy wind and spitting fire through flowing stream
fills my spirit
Thou who shinest by night on the see
Casts the shadow of the arc over my soul

By ravens wings and serpents venom
Bestow your gifts
with the stream
The howling winds have gathered strength
From a whisper to a scream

Sell me down the river
And out to sea
Cast me adrift and set
with the stream
The howling winds have gathered strength
From a whisper to a scream

Sell me down the river
And out to sea
Cast me adrift and set
He cast a grim shadow
Through the busy street
Said he was a junkie
And he punctuated his walk with a gun

Motiveless murder
The papers scream
to shreds
Innocent victims killed by death
Frenzied thrashings drenched in blood
Fleeting screams you have succumb

Cast into poverty
To live amongst
in glee and the beams of love
Were shining on her face
When her lover came and he grasped her hand
And what loving words they said
They talked

Prowling through the night
Like a bad dream 
Stalking out your prey 
Hear the victims scream 

Driven by the vision 
Ruling your domain
its sickest form
Centuries as yet unclaimed
oppressed wraiths
redeem their peace

Wrath cast on Pearly gates
Chariots scream for war
Shadowed mad
past, my head is lowered still
Ashamed by waste you have left behind with careless indulgence
So draw the swords, four at once, hope is banished
Gimme what ya got,
 I know what ya got,
 Gimme what ya got.
Lisa: What kind of love brings such confusion?
Bart: Shuts out the sun and kills all glee
Originally performed by Possessed
Death has beckoned you to hell
You can't escape my evil spell
Past the gates, evil fate
Into the depths cast
his leather wings and soars above the land, 
He strokes his pointed beard and casts an evil eye toward man.

Unchains the dogs of chaos to complete
Cut through my skin
Let my blood paint your face
In pleasure I scream
As my soul lies devoured

The ultimate enchantment
A dimension beyond
[M and L: T. Eriksson]

Born from the sun in an unholy bond
Between night and the day the creator has failed
Blessed by the light and cursed by
power turns
Them devils mouths dry, now Mexico burns
So here they come one by one them killers of the new frontier
Occupy, causin' fear, come on
fingers do I see? Is it three by now?
Stands on top of the stairs and screams for who? Who cares?
All that matters now is my eyes like Apollo's, become
I fall
The golden walls surround me no more
Though I laugh
I know this ain't no fun at all
Into the maze of pain
My soul is cast, to be
at bay
With you only
I can wish it all away
And when I am broken
Don't put me on a shelf
Or cast adrift
Please don't leave me by myself

am I asleep, is
Rode in a boat 
With concrete women 
They like their coca-colas plasticine 
These witches of the rocky shores 
Cast their spells by whipping
the death rheum
She ain’t doin' well
Her eyes they seem cast and fatherless
Her psyche's cracked or
Anyhow, She ain't speakin' now

Nightfall, like some
Delusions of grandeur, rebels cast aside
Volcanic reverberations, power won't subside
Substantial influxations, from sources not unknown
and the beast

They cast countless conjurations
He didn't sign the pact the fact is
Their screams of failure fade to whispers
Trying to heal their mental blisters
Your eyes will scream for sight 
When evil comes to haunt 

Cursed by nightmares 
When you sleep 
They'll cut your throat 
And blood will