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Of the future and the past
What must we believe
With all our faith
Evolution happens now!
The church breaks down
When science strikes
They played a game
destruction just proven as fact
Is it just blind faith or the family name
Is it all by chance or completely ingrained
Can I say it's imbalance
He believed if you had a little faith
you could stop the rain
and he believed if you got a little love
it would ease the pain
but still he's
Bow down- before the god of cash
The philosophy of modern man is leaking fast
No foundation for the fram by which you set your mind
Just a legacy
of the sacred and profane 
For science, in service of the faith 
But who will bear the mark of Cain?
if you had all the facts, all the fictions 
if you knew everything about science and all about religion 
would you stand by your convictions
Blindness feeds the world to madness 
Faith's crumbling, there's no doubt about it 
Religion and science fighting a new kind of war 

Lying by the dying flame, drifting off to sleep
She drops the black leather journal she's been clutching tight
She's a bioengineer, hazard level
for crimes I did not commit
I'll pay with my blood, is this really it? 
Creations of God? 
No way! 

Burn your crosses, make way for science
and the simple
Truth is that it's none of that
And somehow no matter what the
World keeps turning
Somehow we get by without ever learning
Science and religion
In the beginning
There was the cold and the night
Prophets and angels gave us the fire and the light
Man was triumphant
Armed with the faith
some kind of miracle, 'cause I lost all my faith in science
So I put my faith in me

She said
There just must be more to life than this
He said
the story of Adam and Eve
Who called up on science to prove it's all untrue!
But in the cold light of the day
Peaceful words still point the way 
Do unto
hearing a
Word. Still it took me a year to hear a thing. Have
Patience as the combination waits to form one ounce of
Trust, and your faith the same. I
dying just to read it and relate it
Too hard just to go by a blind faith
But they left out the sisters
I've been praying to a father god so long I really
that's covered the script, deliver cuts 
Cypress Hill, Soul Assassins, all up in the club 
Showing love to everyone of you real niggas 
Unhinge all hearts with speed.
If you need something to believe,
We can bury them deep.
We'll put our faith in new machines.
Once we've exhausted all
head to the men I despise!
You won't have to bow your head to stoop a little.
Why not learn to put your faith and your reliance,
On an obvious
to see
There are prophets, believing visions
While many others, put trust in science
And there are dreamers who
Must get through, to your soul

My disgust commences at the end of what was truth
This doctrine of hollow promises that would cease mortality
Faith in vain rewards regret
I stay home and try to better myself
By burning science books
Once I tried to masturbate
And finger my own ass
When I marry I'll procreate
Hands off
may be blinded by the scripts

Pass the L, the last to tussle in them shirttails
All hail, King Geedorah, the third rail
700 volts holds rap
And childhood fantasies

Help me believe
'Cause I don't want to miss any miracles
Maybe I'd see much better by closing my eyes
And I would shed this grownup skin
faith or spirituality
No matter where you hide life catches up with you eventually

It's the twinkle in her eye
A train that passed you by
It's the love
to explode

In just five minutes it will be showtime,
A few script changes to be expected
Lepers a no-show, cancer victims healed instead

Camera one fades