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a happy home

Feels more like a haunted house

Haunted by the sounds of broken hearts

Rattlin off the chain of broken vows

It sends a chill through my
Weird things happen
Around twelve o'clock at night
Screaming voices, creepy sounds
Scary shadows in the pale moonlight

The curtains are shaking
He lives in a old house on the hill
This elderly man of dark secrets
Haunted by the memories decades ago
Which shaped this man throughout his life
'cause the world's passed her by

Didn't time sounds sweet yesterday?
In a world filled with friends
You lose your way

She's a haunted house
we're lying side by side
We hover around this haunted house
Like a couple of ghosts
The laughing, the crying, the lovin', the fightin'
I don't know
Twenty four seven three sixty five
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

This house is haunted
I hear the sound
Of my faith being taunted
moving without a sound
Salem is moving, moving, moving to the burial ground

So hot and so quiet, only the leaves are shaking
By one of the graves,
Screaming to be heard 
I'm haunted by his words 
And the people in the street just shrug their shoulders 
Saying he's disturbed 
He's in another world
see you!
I hear you!
I catch spirits and ghosts by there invisible throats and then tear through (tear through)
Never scary boo bitch I'm a kamikaze
on your face

But the beat of your heart
Is alone in the dark

The place where we met is haunted by thieves
Siftin' from memories, through the fallen
It was a rainy night 
And all the windows were tight
And there were thirteen people in the house
The owner and his wife
The butler and his wife
switching with no roof like a house when a tornado hit it
No kidding this world ain't Disney
These characters is after your pennies
Stack up can't go far with
deez otha niggas 
Out here ackin' scary like dey in a haunted house jus' kee' playin' wit it 
But it ain't a game ain't a thang grab da thang and send
Though he lay quite alone,
For he's taken him to a haunted hall
Seven miles from the town.

He's chased the deer now him before
And the doe down by
of it alone is very scary
I kill my enemies by any means necessary
I said, this is legendary, it's never secondary
Getting better every January
And the cinema surround sound
And he stops on his favorite spot by the window and looks down
On the orange lit street at the edge of the private car park
Where his
ever seen

A city forgotten on top of the world
and entry we found in a stonewall
and walked a stairway built aeons ago
to streets and houses
Roll up a fat one and pass it around
Lay back hypnotized by The Neptunes sound
My peoples always see me and they think I'm on point
So they roll me
York, ready for the likes of this,
Then came the worst date, May 21st, 2:19 was when my momma water burst,
No spouse in the house, so she rolled
Thornside all my life
I was making my escape when a standoff at sundown
And an itchy trigger finger left me haunted by the sound
I got it from a bullet,
It was a rainy night 
And all the windows were tight
And there were thirteen people in the house
The owner and his wife
The butler and his wife
Eh you already know what it is nigga
Lemme tell you something (Eh fuck them Gilla House niggas)
Eh what you talkin' about bitch I'm
the house with the caucasian of rap
and Just Blaze on the track, what's the fuck's more amazin than that?
Slut, answer me that, Royce where you at?

at the root. 
Brick house, huff, blew the roof. 
Please don't feed the bazooka tooth, evolution super fluke

With a kiddy pool full of warm milk, 
girl scout cookies

Oh. cookies, huh?
That sounds really good right about now.
What kind do you got?

Oh my gosh! you sound really scary!
Why do