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something here can't be denied
To satisfy their greed,
If they say we don't care what you want
Cause we know what you need. 

As history will repeat
false eyelashes that you're wearin'
In bed this morning you called me CIyde
Alex is the name that I go by!
If women could be counterfit
say goodbye to you, oh

I think you phoney
I was younger with the knowledge of things that I know now
I would be by your side when you needed me
for a bump that's funky
And a fool for the loop, see, a groupie for the old one-twoiee
A bass freak would say ?Oohwee,
Peace to do cause I like the way
land of fungible convictions
Because it seemed like the pits
And when I say, "conviction" I mean it's something to abjure
And when I say "uncertain" I