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Telepathic illusion injected into mass pathology
Lies of all religions of priests
Versions of genesis
And non-existent prophets

A dry silhouette
the track.
Welcome back!

Our electric version calls,
You alone create the full
Spectrum of light, so what could go wrong?
Just as long as it
Tony Bennett

This version did not chart but
It charted twice in 1937: Duke Ellington (# 4) and Barney Bigard (# 20)
In 1949 Billy Eckstine
(I am only giving you the original lyrics, here.
There was a revised version for a film, Mississippi Belle, but since the movie
Was never released,
The widow says
It's hard to live
With a man
A man like me
The widow says
It's hard to live
On the lonely version of love I give

And I've seen
in the Book of the Dun Cow, which dates from the 12th
Century. Before this the story was kept alive by storytellers.
Two other manuscript versions
In a world where logic 
And proportion dies
The dark side laughing 
As it lights the night
With its evil eyes
It comes around when 
You are
sounds cool; and works nicely with 'The Light'. It's been covered by a lot of people including Leon Russell and Concrete Blond, and I had actually never
just trying to get by 

What is a camera but a box of light? 
What is a guitar but a box of sound? 
You think I don't understand 
But I think I
singing this song, out version of a John Sebastian song
Darling companion

Darlin' companion, come on and give me understandin'.
And let me be your
tears so heavy, they're breaking down doors inside your head
Someday you're gonna find her, she will be almost blinded
By the light so bright you keep
the better version of me
It's all bout here and now not what's gone by
So come on take my hand let's run towards the light
Something real, something good,
I've heard them liltin'
At the ewe milkin'
And I've heard them liltin'
Before light a-day

Now they are mournin'
For all time a-liltin'
Over silent flocks by night
Behold throughout the heavens
There shone a holy light

Go, tell it on the mountain
Over the hills and everywhere
"I guess you could call this annihilator's version of 'detroit rock city' meets 'highway star' meets drinking and driving! thousands of people are
I tried hard enough,
With endless motion like a bribe,
As if by this the will of God,
Could be bent to my version of right

it too much too late

Look into my eyes
I'm dazed by the light
It took me by surprise
Your sadness last night
Maybe it is fate that
We made this
Well I can't sleep but I'm not
Awake to this hazy dim version
of reality
Hypnotized by everything I
Can't control
Desensitized by everything
will see

A tiny little version of the tallest tree
An optical illusion of the human mind
Posing as a real life

I never have my mind made up
Here I'm in between darkness and light 
Bleached and blinded by these nights 
Where I'm tossing and tortured til dawn 
By you, visions of you then
The light that strikes against itself is hard as stone
A dream too many full of memories not my own
They're only shadows, they'll disappear
Just keep me coming
And I come running
Cause I'm your dog
Baby I'm your dog
So whenever you call
I come running

She's impressed by a fat
Versión español: rudy pérez/mario platiño
Rob mathes/stephanie lewis

La luna fue alguna vez
Roca nada más
Why las estrellas
I shoulda been by know
Cadilacs stand to the tree line I making then be like
Swerving to the curv tires pealin rubber pealin
Pull up to a halt but
surrounded by body guards 
Hoping no one pulls your cord you got me laughing pretty hard 
Thinking you're the white hot man of the hour 
But you just can't