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kinky, drink d, lick the lengthy
Sips of henny and soda got you so uh
Far from sober, I'm like maan hold up
Ya fine but I kind a, 
Feel ya tryna turn me
But I really cannot say
No I cannot


Save me
Come on and save me from myself
Save me
From the things I cannot help
All by myself

Little tricks
From myself, yes
You're gonna save me from myself

My love is tainted by your touch
'Cause some guys have shown me aces
But you've got that royal flush
There's no escape I'll find a way
Betrayed by hope and cursed by fate
Got one last chance, and now I'm not afraid
To save myself from me
(Save myself
Guarded by the blazing sun
Look at everything around us, well
Look at everything we've done

Please, anyone?
I don't think I can
Save myself
Blacken the sun
It'll bury me alive

Save me from myself
Turn around, throw it all
Turn around until it all
Breaks down
To the fields
going crazy
Do you think you can save me, from myself baby

Time goes by, I'm still a mess
My clothes don't fit, I don't want to undress
The melody
Of voices and pretty faces
I stay in crowd places
'Cause I need the body heat

Gimme, gimme your body heat
Save me from the blizzard
Gimme, gimme your
I'm slipping away,
Just save me from myself,
Cause all these angry voices,
Are making my choices,
Please save me from myself.

Take me away, I
From a life full of lies and a heart full of pain and sorrow
Save yourself
From the choices I make because nothing but failure follows me
They brought me up on
I never had me
A single friend


Must be someone
In this world
Who can save me
From myself
letters written by me
While you're out with somebody else
No more starin' at the phone
'cause i can do betta by myself
Oh's obvious how
love me I let them do them.
You either gonna be rich or famous fuckin wit me, probably both.
If you happen to brush shoulders wit me by accident,
sister Nicole's room and I just wrote these lyrics 
And they just poured out of me and it turned into many different things 

And it was my way
Save me from the sadness
Of losing someone else

Carry me carry me
Carry me carry me
Carry me home
Carry me home

When I'm down
yo, checking how they came for me

(This is it, B)

Kinda brief from the gold teeth era,
Bro dreaming on C.R.E.A.M.
Complimentaries and beef
Please save me from myself
Almost a year now
And I'm still hanging by a thread
If it was love that I'm feeling now
I wouldn't let it sway
If it
here on the ladder of my life

Too late to save myself from falling
I took a chance and changed your way of life
But you misread my meaning when I
And I want to save you from myself
I want to save you from everybody else
I want to be inside you when I can
And I am doing the best that I can
grows old with you

Save me, save me from loving you always
Save me, save me from loving you always
Save me, save me from loving you always
Save me
Oh, will you save me from myself?
Will I save you from the rest?
Oh, brown eyes
Save a little something for me too

Full moon is there wisdom in your

I can't believe in yesterday
I feel you coming in
I can't just stand by and watch you

Save yourself as you fall from grace
When you come around I
From these wrong nights I know

Look in my eyes
What you see is hell
Can you save me from myself?
Keep me feeling well

Stay with me

Rescue me 
Take this hand, by myself, alone I stand

Rescue me
From this world, from myself, before I grow old
Someone rescue me

Save me now, you
A million words but nothing is spoken
A deafening silence replaced by fear 

Save me
I can't find my way home
The grace I've fallen from
The only truth