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from across the hall
[dr. dooom] we're ya neighbors next door down on the next floor
[jacky jasper] see ya at twelve midnight comin over
That might best describe
The musical vibe you feel when I arrive
From the moment I walk through the door
I gotta keep em on the floor

Get up
more struggle and strife
From a Buick to a Beamer, ambitions of a dreamer
Motivated by Mob Figaz and Andre Nickatina
I'm gettin' paper while you're in
coming home
I got a picture of her down by the seashore
Wearing a bikini made of purple velour
Her hair's up like Conway Twitty's pompadour
With the smile
a map and take a trip down south
Come on over to Houston Texas welcome to the Swisha House
It's the land of the trill
I'm coming live from the block
victims are my prey
The number 4 was an easy score
Number 3 lived next door

Fourteen days and fourteen lives
Random victims are my prey
Number 2 was
by somebody that still live with they mama
But that's the only way she know, to get away from all the drama
As for books, the mind is a terrible thing
had to mark him for safety
And why were there people in the land of ??Nile??
If they weren't put there by the Gods

[ CHORUS: The Insidious One ]
of the dead tonight
People are being forced to live like animals
We are desperate
No one says the federal government is doing a good job
And hundreds
down doors, although I never break laws
Come to a town that's yours, and I be rippin the whole tour
Comin hard for your section, slow up
Live in
Ben looks, across at, the girl that, lives next door
He's a hedge pig, delicious, he knows that, she wants him more
Than Matthew and Peter, the tree
the foolishness!
The love movement, we explored
And brought to you, Spooks sittin' by the door


[Vers 3 - Chali 2na]
Yo, these self-proclaimed kings
This is jail, 3 burners made Tina Turner dance
Probably, you kidin me? Only my man bust side to me
I was gotta be slicin the pot, if I divide it by 3
live by the gun you know what I'm sayin' Ren 
so I guess I'll die by that muthaphukka then 
so when I die niggaz bury me 
make sure my shit
[Hook 2X]

[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Jelly sickle
Look at how that jelly trickles
Down his elbows
And you can smell those
Playa haters from Calabassas
Never know what's waiting by the door 
Come take my hand 
It's like a surreal dream and it goes on endlessly 
It's really not so bad, you see 
To live
Took alive with live men, my man got three-six to eighteen
And only five in, the belly of the beast
Didn't want to hear the shit I tried to tell
nigga's yellin' mayday
Payday, soon as the red dots connect
Off that haze and that 'dro, that Cali sticky icky
Strictly 2-1-3, 8-1-8, 3-2-3
3-1-0, we
keeps the man from goin under
I know some chick named Helen, always beggin and yellin
Begging for money but they gettin nothin
Cause if you give her some
[Dylan talking]
Out and about
And I saw an angel come down from heaven
Having the key of the bottomless pit
And a great chain in his hand
I laid
niggaz who pumpin
Lil' Blood got popped, by the Group Home cat
Everybody nervous in the hood, pullin they gats
Fiend yellin out, who got those? Go
M-O, 3-1-4

Call the cops, I see a robbery in progress
Lunatics about to steal the show
(Where you from?)
From the S-T-L, M-O, 3-1-4

I rip grass
Greasing my status Wolly Smith want to change gears
One-to one-to three-four man slappin' five
People in the back fidge your face, while I rip it live
about to steal the show
(Where you from?)
From the S-T-L, M-O, 3-1-4

I rip grass and smash, with a 44 mag
This nigga jag, from the front to the back