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Lying in a field of glass
Underneath the overpass
Mangled in the shards of a mental frame
Woken from a dream by my own name
Well I was such
Clowns mortified by my expression
Breathing new life into invention
And gagging the maggots with a weary hand
Has failed to leave any impression
It's time for a round
Some times I cry for the sane
The sane worth speaking of
Electric misery
Like lightning flashing about
In conversation
Come and be true
And purify all that is you
The soul can re-group
Ascending to higher love
Hailed by God
Failed by you
Nailed by
As beautiful as fire,
Against the evening sky,
You feel the lost desire,
I no longer want to die
Take me by the hand,
And see beyond the light
Periodic tableware 

Psychotropic science fare 

But who will save the sane? 

Some beings 

Just can't change 

Now crawl on by
It's okay
The dynamite is waiting
They bankrupted the sky
You're frustrated by the cracks in
The pavement
And every mother's back
Once again
I've come a long way by car
The road went narrow
The bridges too far
Screaming at 90
Whisper at 10
Feel the towns make you spend

Another city
holding on to nothing less 
Than what's keeping me strong and it's 

One True Love that keeps me sane 
And out of all that I've got 
The only thing
This flurry of plans
is over, over.
And I'm sorry and glad together.

Our bustling house
is sane now, sane now.
And I'm sorry and glad
lights, black leather
Some towns make me anxious
Others sane but sad
But West Berlin's by far the strangest time
I ever had
All night town of punks
The clock gets to be such a bore 
What'cha livin' for

Though I can't explain, being sane's
Just a dreary chore 
I'd like to go fly past
feels like being hit by a truck
This is no place special. 
Don't know why I came
If someone has a minute, won't you explain


Na nana
back in my veins, gotta kill this pain

Drove down to the shoreline
Hey shoreline take me far away
There was a sign by the roadside
Back by the road
Head bowed in silence
Scarcely sane in mind
Strung out, internal violence
Confusion fills my time

Stare back at my face, neurotic eyes
Living in lies by the railway line
Pushing the hair from my eyes
Elvis is English and climbs the hills
Can't tell the bullshit from the lies
to have it
more skin
'cause I got to eat it
inside the outside
by the river
used to be so calm
used to be so sane
I rushed the lady's room
took the water
Instinct stifled don't be afraid
For what you feel is right and sane

The promise cast, the hopeful lured
Stabbed by the pointed words
on the shore
'cause the ocean is the cure

Lost my name in the grain of sand
No worries still remain, let the water keep you sane
Run to the beach
Step by step, you're gonna make yourself feel better
Buy yeah buy, you're gonna make yourself feel better
Try yeah try, you're gonna make yourself
Clothe me
The camera's on
Capturing our fools' songs 

Judging by the others
I'm just fine
This stutter sold me solid time 

This mangled
Mutual bizarre revere
Laugh at thy neighbor
Pretend you are sane, just the same
You survived in vain
Laugh at thy neighbor
Pretend you are sane just
the snow from any mountain
And make a madman sane 
He won't ever complain

In the everglades
In the backyard lit by fairy lights
With garlands let us
Tortured by the visions, the haunting of your dreams
It seems like yesterday, can't you hear the screams?
Heartless soldier, the crimson martyr
Time kept me line
Kept me defined
It kept me safe when I was afraid

Kept me in line
Kept me defined
It kept me sane when I was afraid