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congregate like I'm T.D. Jakes
Bitches fuck with me they know that I'm straight
And the plug give me cakes on strength of my face
Count to save a ho go put
you feel)
(See, just because I preach and teach)
(Don't mean I don't get scared sometimes)
Yea, whatever, but you T.D. Jakes (Well, then I don't make
women, we gotta keep livin, c'mon


Yeah! c'mon
Mr. X to the Z had to raise the stakes
Had to touch my people like T.D. Jakes
people, we are the future

[Chorus: x2]

Harriet Tubman, Shirley Caesar
Miss Jane Pittman, Juanita Bynum
Maya Angelou, Bishop T.D. Jakes
Madam C.J.
sweatin' like T.D. Jakes
I want the ones nigga, you non-believers you can ask your Momma
Now that's drama

Uh, dollar icey from, papi with the scraper,