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smokin' on somethin'
Have you smokin' on somethin'

Lit, lit, lit, lit like Bic
SremmLife shit, bendin' by 6
2 by 2, 4 by 4
SremmLife shit, don't answer
gonna twist up)
In the V.I.P
It’s a new day, and if you ever knew Dre
Motherfucker, you would say I was the new Dre
Same Impala, different spokes
Hit me when you done your shift
I know a girl I should propose to, but we just on some different shit
She on some up at 9AM already cookin' in
the same rebel that never settled
Pullin' strings like Geppeto who overcame the ghetto
And I know you wrote me and I still ain't answered
'Cause shit is
I'll down Keystones
Drunk and alone planning things to say
Saying things planned to empty cans
Same shit different day

I've had
that shit disgusts me

No more CMB shit, I changed it
Young Money shit, Mula Gang shit
Different hoes doing the same shit
Poppin' pills, we don't
now I'm back in the scene 
Still same car, same zip code, didn't move too far
Same o' friends, same o' story, drink, throw up, and puke and rally
actors, fresh peaches no pit
I love my people, considered as my brothers
Came from different mothers, came up in the same struggle
Some estranged, some
know da game, same shit different hoes yea
We cut the ears and the tail off, Mickey Mouse...
Never been a rat never had him in the house
Call me Captain
I’m just a nut tryna bust a nut in the nut shell
Used to say fuck the police, now I say fuck jail
Same shit, different air freshner
I don’t play boy, I
all before its the same old shit

So I won't bore you with all the details 
I'm sure that you can listen between the lines
I screwed her and she
on your hand mean we can twist like Chubby Checker
Blunt so fat you'll need a pyrotech' to get it lit
Yeah, this the way that West coast rock shit
I promise that they not even foreseeing
The size of the shit they'll be facing

I'm Aftermath now, shit's getting worse
Now when those same friends
I'm Aftermath now, shit's getting worse
Now when those same "friends" see me goin hard that shit be making 'em hurt


[Busta Rhymes]
a fix up I'm the big shot
Get it dicks nuts
Your just small boats little pricks
Girl you think that other pricks hot
I'll drink gasoline and eat a lit
out gracefully 
Yeah, we three different solo careers about to blast off 
But right about now we bout to party ya ass off 

Drink, smoke, party ya
on each side of the room
Givin' us the boom boom boom
To our zoom zoom zoom

The smell of a L lit while walking by
But the music gets me high
hoes, I need quarantine, in the same league, but we don't ball the same
(Ah) She want all the fame, I hear that shit all the time
She said she love me, I
a different hood 

But we the same nigga's 

(That's just the way it is) 

Don't be thinkin' shit all good 

It be them same nigga's 

Same nigga's
Wednesday's rules got me ignoring, deploring, all my tensions roaring
Thursday same shit different day
But these motherfucking rules will never ever go away
to feel the fire
Every time I'm by your side
Ain't no two ways about it, boy
You gotta go

Different day
I said I can't go on living
"Can I borrow a dollar? 
"Nigga you ain't shit you wasn't shit when you was here! 
I seen you do that shit all that's the same shit 
You was doin
layin' it down, without a thing to prove
So keep on Blazin' Up, and keep that ass lit
Cuase you can't get enough of that gangsta shit

Chorus 2x:
Can't get
shit, Long Beach Boulevard, I knock shit
Gettin' money, fuckin' bitches
And you already know, dope come first, you gotta hold
Gettin' money, fuckin'
In the Beamer or a fly Mercedes
Gettin' lit off, high on the great weed
I like the girls, I like the ladies
I light my world to drive her crazy