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can't do it again)
It's over dog!
(All we know is how to win)
Know what I mean?
(The saga must continue, oh)
Ha-ha! Jagged Edge man!
(Can't stop
featuring Bless  Freestyle  Poetic 

[Intro: Shabazz The Disciple] 

Yeah  yeah  the revenge of the saga 

Ghetto apostles 

General Grym
Continue to peep, still bent low
Keep tapping the glass lightly then start to crescendo
Sneak all the way 'round to the back porch
Man, door
[Number two]

[Verse Two: The RZA]
Jagged edge, rockin God, hard as Stonehenge
Pledged whoever crossed his path get scrapped with a sledge..
looking out there!
I like the way you looking out there!
Don't stop.. and another one, and another one
Bad Boys 2, the Saga Continues!
We won't stop,
why I live fast
But my saga continues as the sun rises
Somberly we engaged, this phantom which I now had to gauge
What's your sequence, plan