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Strangle the while you pray
Demand that they're diseased
Safe passage follow me
Refusal to oversee
Denial to hear you say
Father, pray to me
it's eyes
To hear the sound of something awful on the rise
So pray for safe passage through the night
You'll be humbled by sounds of daylight
And this is
in it's eyes 
to hear the sound of something awful on the rise 
so pray for safe passage through the night 
you'll be humbled by sounds of daylight
One afternoon I came to hear
You sing a soft song into my ear
Who would have thought quite by chance
We might engage in a loving dance?

of the ones gone before 
The light and meaning of the voices on the wind 

Searching for safe passage as you knock on every door 
You still can hear
of storms.
Granted safe passage by the blessings of Njord:
"No harm shall find you on your voyage across my seas".

Lands divide beneath the ocean's tide.
Get inside. Here you
Will be safe from all evil." Outside the gate demonic voices screamed in 
Rage knowing that their
Prey just had fooled them.
of the them soul, hang 'em out, let them die slow
And account of who the best was when they roll
Granted by the hand passage who afraid to explode
Yeah yeah,
Four frightened gypsies slid silently under
The docks near Notre Dame

Man #3: 
Four guilders for safe passage into Paris

But a trap had
be victim to the
(All black everything)
His survival is paramount, there is no other objective
Safe passage through the
(All black everything)
because of their archais characters, forms, and spellings. These were magickal/religious texts, designed to ensure the safe passage of the Pharaoh into
[I - The forbidden words]
[II - Incantation]
[III - Passage of time]
[IV - The silent threat]
[V - Archilles heel]
[VI - Covenant of souls]
[VII -