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From the day you arrive
I'll stay by your side.
Placed inside, safe and sound
Shapes of colors are all I see
Shapes of colors are all I feel
Carries me away into the undertone
At the bottom, there's no air, there's no sound, no light
And all these things keep running
Through my mind

Am I safe
not supposed to break down
Swallow the hurt
Listen to the dirt
And you'll be safe and sound

A fool and his mainline connection
By-pass going
a finger wink an eye
Caresses running up your thigh
Scratch my surface dig in deep
There's always secrets left to keep
Safe not sound
Who made these rules
Cheated by
The opposite of love
Held on high
From up up up above
Kept my high
From the second one
Kept my eye
On the first one

Now take
Precious Lord, hear my cry
Keep me safe till the storm passes by

Till the storm passes over, till the thunder sounds no more
Till the clouds roll
The sister of sunlight
Comes to my lonely life
Bearing the crosses I hung
I hung on my lonely wife
And the anchor told me
If I prayed by
arms again
Back there safe in your arms again

The deafening sound of silence
Silence the siren between us

I run back to your arms again
Back there safe
are by my side
You are by my side

Once in a lifetime
It's just right
And we are always safe

Not even the bad guys in the dark night
Could take it all
Your creature comforts won't save your soul 
But you've found a way to lighten the load 
And your family secrets are safe and sound 
And you keep
The sound of the earthquake, 
The rhythms that you make, 
Are makin' my head shake in two. 
Magnetized by you 
Your love will pull me through
and sound
You can count on me

You say you're looking for a man
To be there when you call
Someone who will stand by you
And never let you fall

A man

Take me home 
Where saints and children laughing 
Tell the Dutchman ships are passing 
Feeling safe to reach the harbor sound 

Greyhound, Greyhound
Get my baby back now
In one piece, safe and sound 
On Greyhound

My baby bought a ticket, can't wait to see her face
you back again
Moon by moon and inch by inch
Tie the bow at the end
Safe as one, we're safe in love

Time will bring you back around
Never doubt,
you`re safe and sound
Don`t let me interrupt you
And if you`re gagged and bound
Well how can I corrupt you
take what is left, don't somehow fill the space,
When I can see through it, oh I feel safe again,
I feel warmer...

Sounds of life outside
was just another bad dream
They want to keep me secure here
From a world in chaos I'm safe
I'm better off down in my small crate
Protected by
the band 
Road man slow it down 
And you will get there safe and sound 
He says no no no the show must go on 
Road man driving like a mad man 
be puttin it down
Everything we do be blowin, better get on the ground
It ain't safe no more, it ain't safe no more (n****)
He keeps it wicked by
Everything we do be blowing, better get on the ground
It ain't safe no more, it ain't safe no more (nigga)
He keeps it wicked by creating the sound
the safe side
You said will somebody take me

Down town
Another James Brown
You made the same sound
You said will somebody write this down, down

out of this sorrow
Build a safe bridge for the child out of this danger

I raise a monument of love
There is a swarm of sound
Around our heads
of sound
Around our heads
And we can hear it
And we can get healed by it
It will relieve us from the pain
It will make us a part of
This universe
I’ll be safe and sound

And I’m dying to know what it is that you’re thinking
And I’m desperate to know why it is that I’m sinking
So deep beneath my