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in a city, in a land,
On a place they call the planet Earth,
My orders are to sit here and watch the world go by,
From the mission of the sacred
To save the earth for its rebirth
Are we supposed to be here

I saw my grave
I see no future here
Am I insane
Woven by the fabrics
Glory is on our way[?]
Worship the sun, Great Spirit.
Born of the mother earth,
Seek for the true white brother.
We are the chosen people, give
(It's time to end)
Apocalypse the curtain fall
Treasure is thy honesty
(Your beauty sleep)
I long to live eternally

Blood and earth a sacred
Facing the storm by the shore
In sacred colours her foremothers wore 
Calling to the sea the Vardlokkur 
In ancient tongue that none can
merger has already been achieved by many of us
And numerous others are awakening daily as the Call steadfastly intensifies
We are reclaiming our Divine
of truth
Share with us most perfect way

Call to the earth, fortify our will
Come air spirits, be our eyes this night
Primal flames are warmth to our
Follow the book by every lie
True believers are born to die
Minds are brainwashed from their birth
To serve Gods will down here on earth
upon the earth"
"Grant me the power to still the waves that I may hear Thy call."

"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming."
"Yet he
know Thy will upon the earth..."
"Grant me the power to still the waves that I may hear Thy call."

"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits
was asked the my one thousand years old wizard where i came from:
"i'm from that place you call ASSIAH where souls can be taken by many,
where spirits
Because we'll never be 
Told by the old school 
Sold the old rules 
Tho' we're no fools 
Downbeats down to earth 
You down with me? 
Clowning round
"Live my words, oh, sacred child. You're soon to leave this 
world defiled." 
"Then what awaits me my lord?" 
"Trust me my child, your wishes
it was a gun the crowd or some thunder
All of that was out my window when I was younger
Now I'm much older, lyrical clap MC's
If you don't know by
can never let it walk on by
Why do I feel so high when it strikes mid-knight in shining armor
Cybernetic snake charmer
All you can get
Your sweat
cyclopean monuments. Feh! If only they knew the true extent of this great cosmic puzzle! They are as fools who view a tapestry in a darkened room by the light
beneath it ...of great dimensions...
All we are trying to do, us humans, is that we shall not die so soon

[Apathy the Alien Tongue]
Over the earth I hover
"Nothing at last is sacred. Oh how the great have fallen
 What have I done to myself? It's been way too long!" 

We need to reacquaint. Things are
to blackened husks, charred shells of smouldering ash, lifeless effigies which toppled to the seared earth to be dissipated by the whispering breath of the wind.