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headed out west in a cloud of dust

Runaway baby like a runaway train
Like a train comin' off the tracks
Runaway baby like a runaway train
Confusion ain't worth the price of your life
The mind is like a runaway train
When the heart's off the beaten track
So ride on in your runaway train
thought we knew 
The damage they could do. 
But I bet we showed them a thing or two, 
Me and you. 
Runaway freight train sound. 
The house turned
and started a gunfight

He's looking for trouble day by day
(For trouble, day by day)
Don't waste time, cute runaway
(You cute runaway)
He kept being
early on too young for such a task
Took the bull by the horn sometimes that bull was mean
And only at it stoking on that runaway train
the ground
Shout and the walls are coming down
Yeah, we're running after You

Like a rolling stone, like a runaway train
No turning back, no more yesterdays
I'll prob'ly die by the fire I breath, yeah, yeah, yeah, I said

'Cause, in my mind this crazy boy is a runaway train
No one's gonna steal my soul
When the runaway train take you away
A part of me died

The years went by like the summer of love
So much changed in our lives
They're too may scars
You're like a runaway train
As you go speeding down lovers' lane
You're heart's so blind
When you get behind the wheel
That you can't see the love I
am a runaway locomotive, out of my one-track mind.
Play a train song. Play a train song."

I got this old black leather jacket. Got this pack
can get to me
Like a hijacked plane or a runaway train
Or a speeding bullet, there's no stopping this
I left my heart in metropolis

A thousand
Like a high jacked plane,
Or a runaway train,
Or a speeding bullet,
There's no stopping this!
I left my heart in Metropolis!

A thousand miles feels like
a runaway train
With the wheels barely touchin' the rails
And I'm in a tornado in a hurricane
And got a tiger by the tail

He's like drivin' too fast
On the day they laid him down
He was a runaway locomotive
Out of his one-track mind
Play a train song
Play a train song
Play a train song
or the pouring rain
When the raging river flows
It can bear the weight of a runaway train
It's strong enough to hold
Steel bridges, steel bridges won't burn
Oh, let me pull it all back
This runaway train is running out of track
No more tricks in the old trick-sack
The minutes tick by 'til the watch
Oh, let me pull it all back
This runaway train is running out of track
No more tricks in the old trick-sack
The minutes tick by 'til the watch
While a husband lay dead?
Shot down by a gun of a runaway train;
Called life in the fast lane.
It all ends the same.
Well, the same children's lives
to hurt you
No I never meant to do you wrong
I stood waiting while the man said move along

We lay the tracks down
But now they rotted
Like a runaway train
Another runaway train
Come and get me
Another runaway train
Come and get me
I'm just a runaway train come and get me
Indecision, a bad decision
for your return
You'll come and get me 
You know I'm ready
Enjoy my stay, but you'll take me away

Like a thief in the night
Like a runaway train
it got this far
And me I got a nickel smashed flatter than a dime
By a mad dog runaway red silver streamline train

Look out here she comes
cowboy boots
I owe it all to my blue collar roots
I feel like I'm workin' overtime on a runaway train
I've got to bust loose from this ball and chain
the thing that she wanted most of all
Was the thing that she had lost
To the arms of a downtown blackjack hustler
By the name of Candyfloss
They'd skipped
an English Sunset

We're on a runaway train
Rolling down the track
And where it's taking us to
Who knows where it's at
But if we hold together
We can